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Video: Highway to Hell Event

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new Hellcat, useful things to trait with yellow/purple traitstones, and teams using the new Hellcat.

Also, I have moved now! I am still sorting out quite a few things. The main priority for me right now is to get a better internet connection. For instance, this specific video that would have taken about 30-60 minutes to upload under my old connection. This one took 4 HOURS!!! Thanks Time Warner Cable…



thanks for your hard work.


Thanks again Tacet, some of your pronunciations drive me bananas, but you are a treasure :slight_smile:


I’d like to third the thanks for your video contributions. Always fun to watch and get new ideas for team comps- keeps the game fresh!

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You’re inspiring me to try out new teams every time. I might include your teams in my story campaign :grin:

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I’m enamored with Annoited One, but can’t seem to make a good team with him. Any suggestions?

have you tried soothsayer yet?