High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING CLOSED]

Gonna have an opening soon - visit us on our discord or leave a message here if you don’t use discord. Come have fun and waste your talent with a great group of people…

Bump! Our expected opening is upon us, so we need one more high-level laid-back person to join. We’re currently zeroing in on the last 2 reward tiers for the Raid boss; hope to see you soon!

Come join our guild before we close Portal 10 in Raid Boss event! We offer high-level rewards and ask for very modest contribution in return.

Bump! Wasted Talent still has an opening! We have been clearing all events lately yet still preserving the casual game mode. Come waste your talent with us:)

Bump! We are a great home for either the rising player who has outgrown their pick-up guild and doesn’t want the pressure of a “name” guild, or somebody who’s been in a highly competitive guild and wants a step down in pressure with just a small step down in rewards.

Come join us and remember what it’s like to play the game for fun, and not as a job. We already completed all tasks within 8 hours of reset, and should get a few LT’s done today. And then there’s GW tomorrow, but that is optional and purely for fun (we tend to hover around bracket 10-12, which provides a decent but not insane challenge).

We have one opening for somebody who wants high-end rewards without being tied to the pressure of a top-tier guild. Don’t worry if you’re not super high level, or if you don’t quite have all your kingdoms levelled; we can let you in on reduced mins for a week or two if you’re almost there…

Come waste your talent with us today!

Bump! Come join our high-level guild that offers many rewards yet doesn’t make GoW feel like a daily job. We are a bunch of friendly and resourceful folks who simply enjoy playing the game at our own pace.

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Bump! We have an opening! AND Stages 1-10 rewards in the Invasion already done! Come and waste your talent with us today.

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Bump! Wasted Talent is recruiting! High-level rewards and relaxed game play.

If there’s still a spot open, I’m interested. I’m level 912 but I’ll be at 1000 by the end of the week. I always get 1500 seals, and have been contributing ~1.5 mil gold a week. Invite code is SADIE_FDXC

Hey there! Yep, we have an opening. I just sent an invite your way. I’m heading to bed now, but if you get in, stop in and say hi in guild chat. And feel free to hop on our discord server. We don’t strictly require discord, but that’s where all the good stuff is. Hope to see you in-game!