Looking for a new guild Sunday

Lvl 592, 1500 seals every week, goes up about 30 lvls a week, do all guild events.
Looking for a guild that get all tasks gone every week, 40k seals every week with NO TROPHIES required. I have almost 4000 diamonds and will be saving them to get Infernus.

I have 2 mythics now: Champion of Anu and Undine.

I need time to grow and get more mythics without trophies required.

I pay around 600 to 700 K gold each week.
I will change guilds Sunday.

What platform are you playing on?

This will help in finding yourself a guild :+1:

He’s a PC/mobile player

Thread has been moved I see, that’s good :blush:

Hey there! Our guild has an opening. Req’s are 400k gold, 1000 seals, and NO TROPHIES. =)

See our recruitment thread here:

Message me, or join our discord server to get hooked up…