High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING CLOSED]

Our guild Wasted Talent is an established guild for high-level players who may not put in hardcore hours, but when we do play, we make it count.

We have the following benefits:

  • All tasks + 10-15 LT’s completed every week (LT’s start coming in Monday).
  • 40k seals obtained every week.
  • We usually obtain all weekly event reward tiers.
  • All guild statues lvl 100+.
  • GW Bracket 10-12.
  • Level 1,138/Rank 151.
  • Currently ALL players are over lvl 1000+.
  • 10 members regularly donate 1 mil+ gold, a few regularly donate 2 mil+.
  • We rescue multiple pets each day and notify immediately in Discord.
  • We don’t kick you if life happens.

Minimum req’s are the following:

  • 400k gold/wk
  • 1000 seals/wk
  • All kingdoms levelled
  • Min sigils used in weekly events (no gem buys necessary) OR “buy out” of any event by doubling min gold to 800k.
    (Does not apply to GW - GW is always completely optional).
  • (No trophy req’s - play how you want to play!)

Message me, or feel free to join our Discord server to introduce yourself and request an invite (we greatly prefer and recommend all members use Discord, but we don’t strictly require it if you have a strong objection to using it).

Come waste your talent with us today!

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Still have openings, come join us!

Come waste your talent with us today!!

Returning to the game from a hiatis and looking for a guild that completes tasks but doesn’t expect to live life in the game.

Level 1129
VIP 10
All kingdoms lv 10

SIR NODLEHS <-- Invite Code

Let me know and I will leave current guild

Yep, we’ve got room! And what you describe is exactly what we’re about. If real life flares up, just let us know in advance and you can be excused from mins for a week.

Let me know when I can shoot an invite your way. Thanks!

I have left guild, shoot me an invite

Invite sent! See you on the other side!

Still have one spot remaining if anybody else wants in on a guild with lots of rewards but little headache!

We are now full up, although we may have an opening later in the week. Shoot me a DM or join our Discord server to get put on a waiting list.

We now have one spot open! Come join us before the tasks start flowing in tomorrow…

Still looking for one more member. Come waste your talent with us today!

We’re now full again. Hit us up if you’d like to be put on a waiting list!

We have an unexpected opening and could use one more to get most of the rewards the game offers, with none of the headache…


We still have one more spot open! Join us in the next 5 hours and you’ll get to partake in the 5 tasks we usually complete on Monday…

Still time to join us before GW starts! We moved up 2 brackets last time, and are looking to make another run this week!

Bumpity bump! One spot still open…

Bumping for the weekend!

Are you still looking for someone? If so my invite code is Olinis_zzws

Yep, we sure are! Just sent you an invite. Come say hi in guild chat when you can, and/or get on our Discord server if you’re so inclined (Discord is optional, but that’s the best way to get in on all the recent pet action…)