High-level laid-back guild looking for high-level laid-back players [RECRUITING CLOSED]


Well thats odd
I keep getting an error when I try to accep the invite


We have one opening again, and are looking for somebody to come waste their talent with us today!


Recruiting is once again open! Come waste your talent with us today!


Bumpity-bump! Join us tonight before the tasks start rolling in tomorrow! We finish all tasks by Monday or Tuesday…


We filled one slot, still got a couple more to go! Join in the next few hours to get in on GW this week…


Still recruiting! We’ve had a few new folks join this week, but burnout seems to be on the rise lately so there’s still room for YOU! Join tonight before reset when the tasks start rolling in!


Bumpity bump!


We just did a purge of a few folks who had burned out and become inactive, and we now have multiple openings for high-level players who don’t wish this game to feel like a job. Come join us today!


I’m almost lvl 700. I gain about 50 lvls a week.
I give around 700 k gold.
150 trophies.
Kingdoms maxed out.
What do you think?


That all sounds perfect! If you can do 1,000 seals/week, you’re in! Give me your invite code and I’ll shoot you an invite.


I’m max at 1500 normally on Thursday or Friday.
I’m lvl 697 now just checked.
Stay on line please so I can go into the game for my invite code and leave my current guild.

Last GW I only lost 3 battles out of 30.
PC version of game has a problem with invites so please stay online until I’m in.
All set.
Invite code: JBFRANKLIN26


Hmm, says that code doesn’t exist. I was struggling with that before with somebody else. Think you can pop on to global chat and say something? I’ll invite you from there…


Global Chat is broken in game. My invite code above is correct.
Did you use capital letters in invite code?


Very weird. It works from my phone, but not my PC. This game is so nuts sometimes.

Anyway, welcome! Join me in guild chat when you’re in.


Give me a couple on minutes please.
I’m going into the game now.
I’m in now and thanks.


We still have multiple openings! Join today before the completed tasks start rolling in on Monday…


Did you miss out on all the guild musical chairs from Sunday? Don’t worry, we have a spot for you. Come join our place for high-level players to play the game the way you want, and reap good guild rewards without the game feeling like a job.

Come waste your talent with us today!


Two new members today, but still some slots open! Come join in on legendary tasks for the rest of the week!

Hop on our Discord server for an invite…


We got one more member today, now only 3 more spots to fill! (Yep, we had quite a purge last week).

Even with 27 people, we are already rocking the legendary tasks this week. Join us to get in on the action!


Now just one spot left! Come and join us quick before we’re full!