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Wasted Talent 27/30 400k Gold/1000 Seals/0t No GW's or Events required

Our guild Wasted Talent is an established guild for high-level players who may not put in hardcore hours, but when we do play, we play to win.

We have the following benefits:

All tasks + LT’s completed every week.
40k seals obtained every week.
All guild statues lvl 100+.
GW Bracket 11 (and rising when we’re at full strength).
Level 559/Rank 137.
We don’t kick you if life happens.
Minimum req’s are the following:

400k gold/wk
1000 seals/wk
All kingdoms levelled
(No trophy req’s)
Participation in weekly guild events is strongly encouraged and supported, but we don’t babysit you.

Feel free to join our Discord server to introduce yourself and request an invite (we greatly prefer and recommend all members use Discord, but we don’t strictly require it if you have a strong objection to using it). https://discord.gg/EjaTJBS

Come waste your talent with us today!

I do weekly guild events, hate PVP but do it if necessary to build my gold bank, and just got booted from Voices of Cambria. I don’t know why I got booted after helping hold the guild together for months, because I don’t do drama and don’t know why it was falling apart, and when I logged in today and saw I didn’t have a guild, I also found that the guild leader, Neves1277 had blocked me from sending him messages.
Anyway, I meet your requirements, play sporadically but absolutely play every week, am level 1083, and would like another guild to contribute to and benefit from. I really like the weekly guild events.
My gamer tag is Phread01. Send me a message on platform if you’re interested.

Looking for one more member.

Look for one member.

Looking for 2 more members in time for guild wars bracket 9.

Looking for 1 more player to join the rabble.

Room for 2 more members to fill out the ranks.

invite me and my brother invite codes:

Looking for a few more people.