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Hi, Wasted Talent has an open spot - we do GW, b15 (even if it’s not required, but most of our members enjoy and participate)/ We do not require Discord. We are very active and, despite of having low entry reqs, complete all events, all basic tasks + 5 EP through Tier 11. Obviously, 40k keys. Here’s our reqs. If you’re interested please post your invite code:

Wasted Talent Weekly Requirements

  • 500k gold (currently ramping up gradually to a final min of 800k by March/April 2020).
  • 200 trophies during non-GW weeks (trophy reqs won’t be enforced during GW week).
  • Spend minimum event sigils on weekly events (no gem buys necessary). Does not apply to Guild Wars (GW is completely optional). - Event “buy out”: In lieu of weekly event participation, you may donate an additional 400k (currently 900k total), and not participate in that week’s event. Does not apply to Guild Wars (GW is completely optional).
  • Follow the specified task order in the in-game guild announcement for all gold donations.
  • If real life flares up and takes you away from the game, let us know in advance and you’ll be given a freebie from mins that week.

I believe you’ve already been in contact with someone from my guild, Realm of the Undead, but we would love to have you. We’re a bit lower than your desired GW bracket, but we’re trying to improve in GW so your experience would be much appreciated.

Weekly Requirements:

  • No gold until your kingdoms are level 10. Then 350k. (though most of us do 500k-1mil)
  • 1200 seals, except mythic weeks where we ask for the full 2000.
  • No trophy requirements.
  • Participate in every event using your free sigils in every event. If you choose not to participate, the gold requirement is upped to 550k.
  • It is highly suggested that GW battles happen on each day, but we understand if RL interferes, in which case do them at least 12 hours before reset.

We don’t require discord (although we do have an active one), but we DO ask that you communicate. Even if its just sharing team comps or strategies in guild chat.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either reply to this post or pm me.

Thanks for your time. Hope you can find a guild that’s right for you!

ETA: We actually filled our vacant spot sorry. If you’re ever looking again, we try to keep our forum post active when we have a vacancy.