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High Level content

Many people are over the 1000 level or closing in and after introducing Gnomes people will level just speed killing those poor guys. I know this has already been mentioned but in my brain i actually have it planned.

I would like to introduce unlocking either another map or just a few kingdoms with high level content when you reach level 1000. I actually have an idea but do not want to put it here because i think it would be a great surprise once the story line comes out. It involves three kingdoms. 2 of which are somewhat related and the 3rd becomes oh holy moly moment which i love in any game. If anyone is interested in this concept please tell me below or request me to shut my mouth. Whichever all remarks will be welcome.

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@Grimztone If I may modify your feature request a bit with some of my own ideas. This is a great idea first off. I think doing this would add a little more to do than what we currently have for higher leveled players. Though what I would do instead of new kingdoms for these higher levels. I’d turn all current kingdoms into legendary kingdoms. Meaning everything they offer centers around 1000+. Harder troops etc. So this way instead of leveling kingdoms and doing everything they have and saying ‘done’. At 1,000 it would say ‘nope you are not done’. And swap them all to legendary kingdoms. And since this is not adding more art/troops/kingdoms than what is currently in the game. Little would need to be done. Just bits and tweaks to the troops in kingdom modes once you hit 1,000 and it listing as a legendary kingdom. Simple, effective, and something for the higher ups to smash at.

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What is high level content?
Only difference I notice between mid and high level players is the kingdom skill bonus, and an unlocked third trait of mythics.

That is a greAt idea as well. I think they should do your idea first. Mine can be for levels over 2000

There is currently no high level content

  1. I understand your request/desire for more/newer challenging content.
  2. But Good grief, the balance issues with this idea are more than I can type in a week.
  3. The Developers (or Publisher) do not even want to allow high level players a very slight increase in rewards for say doing the daily dungeons on Warlord IV.

Oh , my idea will make the higher levels use completely different troops then they are used to. At first it would be a slaughter and an uproar until they figure it out but oh man that week will be high level sadness in all its glory!! Heck probably wouldn’t even be a week. But once this certain troop is introduced it can appear like the treasure gnome and mess everything up. Who doesn’t like surprises

Oh, then surprise.
The two new events will require you to shake your teams up to win.

Honestly being level 1,000 isn’t a guarantee you have anything approaching “strength” in the game. It’s way more gated by which legendaries and mythics you have.

For example, I got TDS and Worldbreaker at roughly the same time between levels 400 and 450. I built a team with them, and the only change I made was eventually I got and traited Gorgotha. I’ve been using this team almost nonstop since then, and I’m level 1,050 now.

In the interim, I built a Mab team or two, and a dwarves team. They’re… not as consistent. Every now and then I play them for variety, but nothing beats this TDS team if I want to treat PvP like farming.

I got and traited Psion. The teams I can make aren’t even as consistent as my Mab or Kraken teams. It really needs Infernus. I don’t have Infernus. So I’m waiting. That means there are quite a few teams I meet in PvP that I don’t really have an answer to. They’re good at stopping my TDS team, but I don’t have the troops needed to counter them. So I’m stuck.

I see that some people take a year or more to get to level 1,000. I’ve only been playing since early August. Six months. But those people who took a year to reach 1,000 probably have teams that can smack me down.

So the concept of “high level content” is weird in this game, because gating it by level can mean you’re both letting unprepared people in and blocking people who are ready. :confused:


Once again the concept I have would not prevent you from beating the next two kingdoms but it will prevent everyone from beating the 3rd kingdom and only until someone figures out the weakness. BUT, once the weakness is found you would have to build a team you have never used before.


Honestly, the only reason they need high level content in the way you describe is because they keep offering hero exp as if it is some kind of reward point. Early on, most of your masteries should be coming from your guild, so hero level doesn’t do much other add a few skill points to the hero only (and class level means a lot more) while also massively scaling up quests and pitting you against tougher and tougher PvP opponents. By the time you hit the mid 200s, mastery levels are barely impactful and you’ve already started to massively level off and it becomes progressively more and more meaningless in both impacting your score bonus/PvP matchmaking and the power and speed, and you’ve already unlocked every weapon unlockable with masteries. Now, I’d say that beyond that, level is just an easy way to denote how long you have been playing and categorize you accordingly, except the game is peppered with ways to get bonus xp but no real reason to get them other than “I want to see a bigger number when I look at my hero level”.


It would be simply a bad idea to gate of entire game features by requiring hundreds of hours of play to see them. It would be an even worse idea to divide the playerbase based on the currently arbitrary level number by either segregating them from the rest of the playerbase or giving them stronger tools to use. Plus, the simple fact remains that, unless you time lock your content, someone is going to blow through all of it before even all of the playerbase that is at the same level of progression has even seen it. No individual battle with the currently existing mechanics in the game is going to last more than a few minutes (even with hyper inflated stats, if it is possible, it wont take long) without revolving around some abhorrent design choices. Just making something not-obvious on how to tackle it doesn’t mean someone in a pool of hundreds if not thousands of players won’t figure it out immediately, and if it is intuitive, you’d hope most people would. Gems of War isn’t that complicated of a game - theres some nuance to some very specific things, but it is not complicated.

I don’t think new kingdoms are needed here. A few collectible hero weapons based on the higher levels of hero mastery points you need to obtain through leveling would do the trick. Spread them out, make them not total garbage, but also not better than every other option in almost every situation and don’t allow them in arena if they would break the whole experience. The idea of having a few things to chase after you hit a milestone that by in large doesn’t mean anything currently is a good one, but having it fundamentally and instantly change the game based on this arbitrary number is bad. It needs to be a natural evolution/progression of what we currently have without also interfering too much with what we do (eg., I want level 1000 because there is a shiny I can get after that point, not I need level 1000+ or I cant be competitive because the shiny is the best/only way to counter this meta-mechanic.)

My definition of “high level” content has nothing to do with level. I would define it as: Infinitely repeatable content that isn’t completely trivial when you have unlocked most troops and skill bonuses (or at the very least, something you can engage with, meaning I’m making relevant choices) and not have be subjected to the whims of player selection defining what the content is, like every currently repeatable not completely trivial mode currently does (PvP, guild wars, even Arena). The new guild events come close except for two major factors: they have a time gated entry fee (not repeatable) and they are only available during certain periods of time (not really infinite either). Bounty seems to be repeatable, but also appears during a very limited amount of time and appears more centered around having Bounty troops and cramming as many of them into your team as possible to maximize what you get for a given battle (kind of like Necromancy is for soul gain most of the time, but way worse because they start at +200% each for the weakest trait). So, in the end, most gameplay after checking the daily boxes involves being funneled back into PvP using the same teams versus the same teams until something huge and meta shaking happens, the novelty of which quickly wears off in comparison to how long it takes the next meta-shaking change to happen; completely trivial explores where you don’t even have to swipe gems for mana and cast two spells to win; Arena which has its own set of problems; or Treasure Hunt which is completely divorced from the rest of the game and gives no feel if progression at all.

If you define High Level content like that, then yes, we need to see a lot more of it.


  • Giving a reason to actually gain hero levels: ok. (they could also stop pretending that xp bonuses are desirable as a means of power growth)
  • New long term goals after you have completed current long term goals: good.
  • New modes where it is actually viable to (repeatedly) spend your time but you have to tackle in different ways: great.
  • Gating playable content based on hero level: bad.
  • Gating anything that could influence competition mechanics based on hero level and dividing the playerbase even further: terrible.

All very good points and i agree but once again my idea would not break the game or just be another card with insane numbers. Like i said in the start of this the concept i have doesn’t really need 3 kingdoms it just helps the story i have take place. We could just introduce new cards i have in mind that range from normal to mythic at any level and have people collect them. These cards would not give anyone that big of an advantage because as soon as people started getting them, leveling them and traiting them people would know how to defeat them. This concept would just make people use different teams like guild wars is doing now, bring some more challenge and fun. I love this game and it does have its flaws and i am sure the devs are taking a look at the flaws as we speak.

Sounds like what you really want is to create your own game. Go for it, have fun with it, send your ideas to the devs. But don’t be surprised if they don’t accept your plan to remake their game in your own image.

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Hardly. Just challenging the game to have a different level of difficulty . If I could code I would. I am a writer though. If the devs shoot it down that is fine. It is called learning in life. I’m glad Elon musk didn’t give up and I’m glad my grandfather didn’t commit suicide. Anyone can criticize but I learned having an idea to improve something you believe in makes your thought valuable . You can apply this to a game or some other much larger problem. I’m choosing this game right now because the devs have made a great concept on an easy idea.

Yes, these two in particular.

I’m not going to write an essay, but vaults and portals and towers sound very “rich get richer” to me. Part of why I’m not writing the essay is I want to see if I’m wrong.

I don’t want the game as a midgame player to be months of “ha ha look what you’re missing”.

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@Slypenslyde I don’t mean to sound off but this is how any game sees levels hun. You can only do things in games once you gained the appropriate level. GoW is a game and also no different. So I do not fully understand where you came from in ‘haha see what you are missing’. This is entirely why we play games. To be enthralled in learning and leveling and gearing up. We see what we are missing and push more and more to get there or to gain it.

— below is a comment aimed at the thread itself, not any one poster.

On a connective to my older post and other posts above. I think having a expanded concept of what to do at higher levels would be great. Most games with levels also have high level content. Play enough games that’s clearly a similarity they share. I would love a ‘more to do’ higher level content setup.

Well the boss raid is higher content for sure. I just appreciate the devs caring enough to add content.

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