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Hidden difficulty i Xbox One PvP?

Is there a hidden difficulty in PvP on Xbox One?

Yesterday I played on my Xbox One against a Level 163 player. I’m at Level 188.

My opponent fielded a team comprised of the following troops:

Gorgotha - All traits.

Webspinner - No traits.

Hero - Anvil of Might and No traits.

Infernal King - No traits.

We played in the Kingdom “Darkstone” which I have upgraded to level 10.

I too have a Webspinner at level 19, with 1 trait and all Kingdoms which grant at +1 to Magic at level 10. This should, so far I know, give me the highest magic bonus for my current level, which means that my Webspinner deals 6 damage to all opponent, when using its ability.

When fighting the opponent mentioned above, his Webspinner dealt 7 points of damage to my troops and I can’t figure out why? His overall level is lesser than mine, the Webspinner was at the same level as mine and his other troops didn’t give him and magic bonus.

So what am I missing? Why did his Webspinner deal more damage than mine, when nothing suggested that it should be able to do this? Is there a hidden difficulty in Xbox One PvP, that I’m not aware of?
If this is the case, then I would never fight players with a lower level than mine, since they would automatically be boosted a lot by the game…

There are 4 kingdoms which grant +1 magic.

At level 19 webspinner’s base magic is 2, at level 20 his base magic is 3.

Once you 5 star a kingdom that magic bonus doubles. So two things could be happening here.

  1. His webspinner was level 20, which would be it’s mythic and has 3 base magic, add 4 magic kingdoms and that’s 7 damage.

  2. His webspinner was also level 19, which would be 2 base magic + 4 from kingdoms. Then ONE of his magic kingdoms was 5 starred which would bring that to 7 total.

Webspinner can potentially do 11 damage per shot at mythic level with all 4 magic kingdoms 5 starred.

THIS. (the OP reported both were at 19)

One can even narrow it down further that the opponent has either Karakoth (super infinitesimal chance) or Khul’Kari (almost guaranteed) at 5 Stars.

Thanks! That was the detail I’m missing. :slight_smile: