Best way to Rank in PvP?

Hey, if you have a decent amount of money, it seems worth it to just cycle opponents until you find one that gives 2 trophies instead of 1. 10 gold per opponent isn’t much.

Am I correct here? Is this how experienced players with little time do it?

I cycle opponents until I find one that rewards me with at least 700 gold, which usually means 2 trophies anyway. I suppose it’s common practice.

I just fight everyone so nobody feels unwanted.


I pretty much fight whoever comes up for the practice of when I get those opponents with unusual line ups just for fun. But if you have the money to spend, then hey, I think you should do what is most enjoyable for you.
But there are some that have 2 webspinners in the right places with supportive troops that I can win most of the time, but am so sick of those teams that I remember their names and just don’t play them. I don’t find fighting webspinner enjoyable even if I do win, since all I do is watch her get turn after turn.
Bottom line, do what feels good for your own tastes, that’s the beauty of it all, the freedom of playing the way you want.

I try to avoid fight when I see Forest of Thorns as home kingdom, as in my experience that means 99% Webspinner+Venoxia.

I usually try to find high level players for better rewards: I am level 214, if I can I try to fight level 500+