What is the most challenging opponent build?

After patch 1.07 Webspinner got balanced out. but on the other hand, Goblins ,Vernoxia and Drangon build became very powerful. As my personal opinion , with the level 10 kingdom additional bonus, Vernoxia with Celestasia is the most challenging build. Any thoughts on this?

Mr Sammy’s dual Terraxis build is quite a challenge :wink:

The Goblin teams with endless turns also scares me !!

With my current invade team, I still find the dragons as easy as the old Webspinners :stuck_out_tongue:


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I just running into the team that was build with all Grosh-Nak troops. The Hero level is somewhere in 300+
but the troop’s attack power are : Dark Rider 20, Gar’Nok 22, Summoner 20, This is crazy.

I am level 679. But my build won’t give such a high attack power.
What is the reason for this high attack power?

Any thoughts ?

If it looks something like this, then yea… looks legit.
Total of +8 ATT to the entire Team for having 4 Grosh-Nak and 4 Marauders
Your opponent probably also has all his/her +ATT cities maxed out to get that kind of stats.

@ctu1208 The same troops combo 's (my level) attack is 16 and 18. But the opponent (level 300+)had 20 and 22. SO that extra 4 more attack is due to the kingdom bonus they selected?

@7ekn00 is right, it seems that my defense team is quite good:

  • Jarl, terraxis, terraxis, prismatic orb

I win most of my defenses. :sunglasses:

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Yes, there are a total of 4 or 5 Kingdoms that gives +1 ATT bonus when Maxed. It’s either that or someone’s been messing with your Difficulty Setting :wink:

@ctu1208 Thanks. I maxed all the kingdom so it is bit strange why I am no getting the same attack power
as the opponent got. I re-check the difficulty level to normal. but still don’t know why they got higher attack power.

I am maxed too. You need to go into battle to see those bonuses. They don’t show in the Team Setup. (I think this is a display bug?)

@ctu1208 Yes, That’s the team I faced. Interesting! ALSO Thanks.

Honestly I havent had much problem vs. any defense EXCEPT those that are maxxed out. Nothing says disaster like a 15 atk unit getting a couple lucky skull drops.