Hero with assasinate on 2nd place kills my last troop with skulls (Not a bug)

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In turn 3 the AI gets a skull and my Infernus on 4th slot are instantly dying

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Once off

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I don’t know

Infernus has no Deathmark or was damaged. He dies simply. The enemy hero was asssasin class

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Look at 3rd trait of assassin class.

Certainly not a bug, just the last trait on assassin is triggering

It also trigger if hero is in 2nd spot?

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I reckon I know what has happened here.

You had already killed their first troop is my guess, so their hero was technically in first place.

They matched skulls, which triggers the Assassinate trait killing your last troops AND triggering the Assassin Class talent ‘Shadow’s Call’ hence the summoned in Sister of Shadow.

Other notes: To support this the Sister of Shadows has taken NO burn damage unlike the hero and Ishbaala, Magnus is Impervious so that is my he is undamaged.

I maybe wrong, but looking at the evidence presented so far, this is my conclusion. So, not a bug.


That explanation seems compelling. Sister of Shadows isn’t a common troop in PvP either.

It’s kinda fun playing detective with forensic evidence like this though :slight_smile:

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Maybe it was a displaybug and the shadow sister was already dead from a instantkill trough my hero… (dragonhero = triple skulldmg vs burning enemies) but i didn’t notice a skull before and take, with this combo, every skull for the instagib…
But that would explain whats happened.

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Do you play on 4x speed?

I notice a lot of people that do, miss quite a few things that occur in their games.

Sure. When i play focused i miss nearly nothing… but this was while work at night and i’m really tired… :expressionless:

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