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Assasinate bug.Three troops killed with one skull

This happened on ps4,

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I have psn video If needed.

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    I expected assanate to kill last troop at best when taking skulls.What happened is On its 2nd turn with mang/ assasinate class AI took one set of skulls and one shotted my last three troops not three shots in a row but one shot , with no other skills or spells active. killed 3\4 my team at full health With one set of skulls.

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First time this happend

It would help the devs if you edited the post to give more info about the bug.

Edit: ah, I see you did type some stuff. It was hard to see among the pre-included text.

Not a bug. You got hilariously unlucky. Odds are about 1 in 2000.

Assassinate triggered killing last troop.
That triggered rising shadow, killing last troop.
Which triggered rising shadow again.


Caught in action. Working as intended imo.

Video courtesy of my guild mate Dna. Thanks!

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Super legit.
Hope it happens to me in GW.

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Just wait until they change hero. They might end up switching to another class later In the week if you are lucky.

If it was a guild wars battle that cost you a spot, then you have my sympathy.



Just seen this in the traits, it would be really savage if it happened in guild wars, at least PvP makes it less annoying. I wonder what the odds are on it triggering 3 times, any mathematicians here? Another way of looking at it, it could be worse, the whole team could’ve died had it triggered again.