Weird Things Happening After Update

So the first issue was losing cards randomly when they weren’t even attacked in Guild Wars. Whenever the hero attacked with a crude club, the bottom card would just disappear. Happened twice.

I tried to replicate it but it wouldn’t work. I imagine it has to do with being on defense but I’m unsure.

The second issue is I’ve won matches, so far only in story mode, without having to kill off the last enemy. This was in the Wild Plains story.

Check if that hero isnt assasin class with his 3rd trait active
could have been a display error showing spell animation while in fact it was a skull attack?

pre-3.0.5 ive got countless of cases where a skull attack showed a spell animation, a spell cast showing skull attack animation and even trait trigger (kraken) showing the skull attack animation or the spell animation…

The Assassin Hero class has a trait that gives a 10% chance of killing the opponent’s last troop whenever it does skull damage. This has taken me by surprise on a number of occasions.

And I seem to recall, specifically in Wild Plains, that it was possible to complete the storyline without killing off all the AI’s troops. At the time I thought it was just a random glitch. In the newer Suncrest kingdom, there was also a bug which caused troops summoned on death to appear while simultaneously the Victory screen was displayed. Perhaps the Wild Plains quest suffers from a similar issue.