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[Not a bug] Assassin Class, abillity dosen't trigger


is it possible that the last perk of the assasin class is broken right now (10% chance to kill the last slot when you combine skulls)?

I tried that on the Xbox …I dont know 1000 times?..And it didn’t trigger even ONCE!

Xbox Gamertag: Arminace if you require more info

It certainly isn’t broken on PC/mobile. I’ve had it trigger repeatedly in the last couple of days. However, your hero has to be at the front of your team for the trait to work. Same with the Archer class, too.


At the front…

you mean in the team (he was all the time) or first slot (he wasn’t)?

In order for Assassin or Archer’s trait to trigger, the hero must be the one actually doing the skull damage—that is, at the top of your team.


Ah ok, thank you for the info.
I play withe German localised version and this is nowhere stated there…


Same applies to troops like wrath…it only explodes 2 yellow gems with a skull match if its wrath itself that inflicts the skull damage. Wrath or hero must be top troop (not necessarily in p1 cos you may have lost the troops above it) for the perk/trait to fire.