Assassinate from second position?

Is this a bug?

Assassin class with Shadow’s Call and Backup talents.
Hero in second position.
Character in first position is eliminated and one of the backup characters immediately replaces it.
Subsequently, the Assassinate trait functions even though the backup character is dealing skull damage, not the hero.

Is this a bug?

I would say… not a bug. Partly because it would be tricky for them to fix.

Hero traits trigger even though Hero is dead, which is necessary for backup to work when hero dies. Hero still thinks its in first place even though it is dead. When the cascade ends the Hero effects all go away. I know not what you expect, but it seems to be following the game’s ‘rules’.

Though I don’t think it always worked that way, though probably as far back as since webspinner inflicted web and did triple damage all in same attack.

The hero didn’t die as it was in the 2nd spot and a bandit came in reblocking the hero when the 1st troop dies.

I’m wondering if the bandit killed someone with skull damage proc-ing Shadow’s Call instead since that part wasn’t detailed.

I will have to watch out for this again to be sure. The PvP opponent doesn’t show up very often and there’s only a 10% chance for that trait, anyway.

I eliminated their first character which was replaced by the Bandit.
On their turn, a skull attack assassinated my last character.
If there is no one in their top slot at the time, then it works as expected and the Sister of Shadows might show up instead.

Not sure what I saw, now, which is why I haven’t posted a bug report.

Assassinate can trigger ‘rising shadow’ trait, 7% chance to assassinate last enemy when another enemy dies, and that trait can be triggered again from a successful rising shadow.

It can also trigger twice, if you kill 2 troops with a single spell.
Works like an insta-wipe out of enemy team.