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Assassin Rising Shadow question

The tier 10 trait Rising Shadows gives a 7% chance to assassinate last Troop when an enemy dies.

In case of double kills (Ubastet, Doomclaw, Scorpius) does the skill trigger twice? Meaning could we see a full on lucky team kill??

The question I’d ask is “does it target lock?”. The talent specifically targets the last troop. If it target locks to before the death occurs, this means that you shouldn’t ever be able to net a bonus kill beyond what the last troop is at the time a troop dies, so killing the last troop shouldn’t ever net a bonus kill and Scorp wouldn’t ever be able to trigger an extra kill ever (since he targets the last spots already). If it doesn’t, that means it can act recursively and you can wipe the entire remainder of a team any time an enemy dies, since doing so triggers another enemy death with another chance to trigger the talent, including when a Firebomb explodes (granted, at about a 1 in 2915 chance, but I’ve see things with much worse odds happen fairly regularly in this game).

It probably locks, to prevent double kills from the assasin trait on skulls.

All traits are limited to one activation per ‘resolution of current spell step / board state’ (cannot think of a better way to put this)

It does not. I just had my last two troops killed from assassinate & rising shadows.