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Rising shadows talent can trigger itself

Using thief class I skulled troop #1 killing it triggering rising shadows talent killing troop #3 triggered rising shadows a second time killing the last troop #2. Also curious if transform can trigger it or not, haven’t tested it because I don’t run them on offense.

Transform does not trigger on-death or on-summon traits because transforming does not cause a troop’s death nor it it a summon. It is its own thing - transform.

But yes, the only condition for Rising Shadows is “a troop on the enemy team dies”, and it does not target lock from the initial action, meaning it can potentially team wipe if they, for example, explode a fire bomb on turn 1 (at about a 1 in 2915 chance).

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Well the reason I wonder is because if you transform a gnome it still counts as a kill for the rewards, same is true of valraven