Hero Class: Steampowered Mechwarrior

After reading this, an image came into my mind of how a Hero could become a Construct (probably because I’ve been playing too much Fallout 4): Power Armour.

But because it’s built by Ghiralee, it’s Steam-Power-Armour. I now want it so bad I can taste the brass fitttings. :yum:

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Good thing someone is doing something with this idea of mine.

Yeah, I was going to make a thread for creating class ideas with my long list of them, but I never got around to them. :smile:

How about the classy class? :sunglasses:

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You broke my heart with this one.[quote=“Tacet, post:3, topic:5305”]
class ideas

What kind of ideas.

I like this idea +1 for you.
A little off-topic but if it inspire someone: I think some races could enhance a class and we could get at least some other races to portrait our heroes.

Can you imagine a goblin team with a marauder hero?

Yes, and it wouldn’t be totally overpowered without a hero that can get an extra turn after his spell.

His class specific weapon would give him an extra turn.

Now that would be something very interesting… And it’s not even remotely interesting because i have a goblin team, nope, not at all… =P
Well, my point was more about getting the current races and add some bonus for one class but then they would restrict the appearance changes of our hero. Also i would like a Gnoll race portrait. :grin:

Marauder Class confirmed for next update? :slight_smile:

I’ve been assuming the promised (but not soon) Rogue class would count as a Marauder, per @nimhain’s post here:

I want this so bad you have no idea. Mechanist class is something I’ve hoped for since the classes were revealed.

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Yes, I thought of you as soon as I had the idea. :smiley:

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Am I that predictable? :yum:

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It’s in your forum title? :smirk:

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If a Mechanist hero class WERE in the works… I think its class crest might look something like this… :imp:


:head explodes: :heart_eyes:


They are eventually making a class for every troop type in the game, and assumibly every kingdom as well despite there being less troop types than total kingdoms. It isn’t too surprising that they have a construct, likely Adana, class banner made.

Amazing… You rock Sirrian. :smiley: