New Hero Class: Mechanist

Well, it looks like the Spring Imp got into today’s deployment and released the Mechanist Hero Class to you all a few weeks early (that is NOT a confirmation of 2.0 coming in 3 weeks by the way!!!)

Curse that Imp, I guess it wins this round.

So we decided to roll with the punches and finish pushing the class out early!

Two little things to note that will be corrected in 2.0:

  1. The Mechanist doesn’t have his Legendary Trait in 3rd spot. Currently he has ARMORED, and it’ll be there until 2.0 releases, when he will receive his new trait (it needed some new code only available in 2.0)

  2. We don’t have translations for the Mechanist or his quests yet, so our French. Italian, German, Spanish players will see it in English. Sorry guys! We’ll try to get that turned around for you all before 2.0 asap if possible.


Two more things:

  1. If you unlocked the class early (before this post) and you’re not able to access it at all, and can’t see the graphics, try restarting the game.

  2. If you STILL can’t access it, drop us a line at support and we’ll fix it for you!

This was posted 10 days ago:

So from a few weeks we went to a few weeks. Not much progress.

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That mischievous impett! Can’t edit this info into my feedback now, what with it being unintentional and incomplete. I guess I’ll throw something together come patch.

This is what I love about this game, the devs can be a little too nice sometimes. :laughing:

Completed quest after the fix went up, didn’t unlock for me :frowning:

Ticket send.

Same for me. Restarting the game did not help either.

Okay - fixed it for both of you guys


Thanks, working now!

I also didn’t get the class, I did restart the game (and of course completed the tasks).

same for me quest done still locked out.
reloaded also

Same for me. Not unlocked after Reload. Invitecode: svechen

Didn’t unlock for me either after completing the quest and restarting the game.

No unlock…

All fixed for everyone who replied above


I didn’t get the class. You are going to have to fix 100s at this rate. xD

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Fixed yours too @Tacet!
We’ve done about 30-40… seems like most folks didn’t notice it there!

But we might write some code to add it back automatically if it’s missing. For now though, a manual fix was nice and fast.

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Yep, me too! :wrench:

Same here, invite code: sakre

I also need the fix - having just done the quests, it’s still not unlocking.

I need it as well