Help! My Dragonkitty got into the catnip!

My Dragonkitty got into a huge supply of catnip and is chasing Ubastet all over the place.
What would you do in this situation?


Well, I’d whisker away as soon as possible. Tails like this tend to dragon and on and on if you don’t scale them down fur the audience’s sake.




Oh no, Ubastet got away from Dragonkitty and got into the catnip.
Now Ubastet is chasing any woman he finds including @Cyrup and @ Salty!

Lure Ubastet in with a promise of a full beauty package, and while they’re washing his fur, go in and clip his claws, should help keep him under control a bit (and he’ll smell amazing from the wash too!)

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I heard Ubastet loves men as well. Especially at mealtime.

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