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Is that an icicle in your pocket?

Or are you just happy to see me? :flushed:

But pulling my mind from the gutter, any ideas what
the artist for Borealis was actually trying to draw??
The tip of the wing I’m guessing?


Tail possibly?

The wings are held too high for that to feasibly be the back wing tip I feel.

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Heh. I assumed it’s the tip o the wing.

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No, that’s where the icicles are shot from.

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Gotta be a wing-tip, too close to the body to be the tail. Not unless its in a little piggy corkscrew or something.

I was thinking more that the tail was quite long and looped around…

EDIT: ASCII art on the forums is hard -_-


 ^ - Rawr!
o o
{ }
{ }
{ }      ^
 |       |
 |       |
 |       |
 |       |

I demand that the next Dragon troop released has that exact art work.


Just have to hope for the poor lady dragon that it isn’t barbed like a cat’s :S

I swear I tried that (pre-formatted text?) and it still removed the white spaces between the tail… I even tried using a white-space character to no avail…

Not sure how you were trying to do that exactly, but next time just use the <pre> tag, it works much better, and without the annoying box.

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