New Pet - Dragonkitty


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New Pet: Dragonkitty

A new pet has been released, Dragonkitty. You can get your Dragonkitty from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Dragonkitty will only be available from special Dragonkitty Pet Events.

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Go forth and rescue more Dragonkitties!

(In my mind I’m imagining that dragon eggs only hatch once every 300 years in Krystara, and now the denizens are having to deal with an unexpected swarm of dragonkitties plaguing the lands. Albeit, an adorable, fire prone plague.)


Luckily it’s not a dragon rabbit swarm, that would be easy to get out of hand. Cats are chill, except in February


Kitty needs a tongue.


Yeeeeey…. Another thing we loose our playtime on.
If the kitty would have any use…. OK
But now it’s only there because??? Of what exactly? It gives no bonusses, give us an useful pet instead, would be much better…
As if the game isn’t elaborate enough without useless pet number two.


We got a copy in the mail Tuesday morning after reset, you don’t have to do the pet rescue today, if it annoys you so much.

I love mine, and will be using it, though I feel bad I can’t equip the Blue kitty on my other shoulder! :joy:


Requested feature, a way to equip two pets! Kitty dragon and Blue kitty would make great friends!


I dunno I think @Sheba would be okay with a dragon rabbit swarm…


On one hand, I totally would be.
On the other hand, a swarm of normal bunnies would be far superior, though.:rabbit: