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What’s Ubastets problem?

What’s wrong with this cat? Issues manifested in the form of an insane attack spell. What’s the root of these problems? I for one believe is in debt from a nip addiction and now he’s in the hot seat for tax evasion. Instead of becoming depressed he’s decided to take it out on everyone. He doesn’t need nerfed. He just needs a friend. Thoughts?


Hast du total Recht,er braucht ein Update aber die Entwickler wollen ihn nicht patchen !

I think someone gave him a hot foot, so he’s taking it out on everyone now!

A friend yes!
I will be his friend, Catwoman to the Rescue!


Ubastet needs a friend?


Ubastet’s owner gave him the same food he normally gets, but the version that comes in jelly not gravy. Ubastet steadfastly refused to eat it, but his owner did not blink. After scratching the crap out of his owner’s sofas, he’s now looking for other targets to attack. Because hell hath no fury like a cat whose food has been changed.


Gnome Sweet Gnome!

Maybe 505 should have some type of intervention with this guy. It’s getting out of hand. He’s running around giving players cat scratch fever. At least a gift basket of yarn, litter and trazadone.


Solution for Ubastet: Neuter him!

If Ubastet is a mental case with god-like powers because he’s in debt to a Catnip-Creditor… imagine the power of his Loan Shark…