Help me end summer with a bang!


I finally hit 30 red/fire mastery on my Hero, and unlocked Summer’s Fury. Coincidentally, this week the Summer Imp is no longer available through card drops. I would like to use both in a team to give summer a proper send off.

The weapon does damage to all enemies, which is great early game. The imp does damage randomly split among enemies, which is great late game. This should be a pretty powerful combination.

I’m looking for two other troops to finish the team; they must be some combination of blue/green/purple/brown. Bonus points for troops with vibrant artwork such as fey troops. I would like to focus on red generation, and my options are Serpent, Drake Rider, and Siren.

I tried to find troops that removed a color to work with Serpent, and I couldn’t find one. My best option is to use Brian the Lucky, and leave purple gems out. There aren’t many troops that generate purple, so it should be easy to control.

I don’t approve of Drake Rider in the team because he has such dark artwork. He also removes yellow gems which the imp needs. The final nail, I can’t find a blue/green troop that I like to match him.

Siren doesn’t specifically create reds, but it has potential. To match I found Griffon knight, which creates yellow gems to feed the imp. Siren could also create yellows if needed.

Should I go with Serpent/Brian or Siren/Griffon Knight, or is there another combination that would fit better?


[quote=“utfanx2, post:1, topic:660”]
[/quote] No problem Venoxia(green/purple) Webspiner(blue/green) Rowanne(blue/green) Kerberos/Keper of Soul(purple/brown) etc