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Help me craft some good guild wars teams

I have a heck of a time making a good guild wars team that can consistently win. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. I’m on ps4 and currently in 2nd bracket of guild wars. Also, if you feel more comfortable private messaging me that’s cool too! Any help would be awesome.

Troops I have:
Every legendary (multiple copies of most all) and card below that

Base mythics I have:
Pharos (x2)

All base mythics fully traited except death and famine who both have just the first 2 traits (just got famine and don’t care to trait death fully).

Again, any and all suggestions for kickass guild wars teams with my available troops is super appreciated. Thanks!

We discuss teams in our guild chat group on psn. Maybe you should join us? In quimby we communicate teams and ideas. It’s what’s keeping the vast majority of us playing.
I can’t understand why you go public on a forum if you’re a bracket 2 player. I’m not being funny but I only share 90% of my ideas with my guild. You want to know em? Then there’s only one way…

Hey Dan,

We only jumped up to bracket 2 after dominating bracket 4 last week (and we’ll doubtless be slipping back to bracket 3 at the end of this week.) We’re GW optional as a guild so we don’t talk about teams that much in our community, and there aren’t that many of us that take it very seriously. I don’t blame Raph for looking outside the guild for some advice, since only a few of us would have any useful advice for him, and some of my best teams use cards he doesn’t have.

Also, keep your hands off Raphius you dirty poacher! :wink:


Lol, no worries. It just struck me as a weird request and thought he was maybe struggling with teams in his guild. I won’t share many builds publicly but occasionally I will.

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Yeah, it was fun to win our bracket last week (I had my best week ever), but the reward is getting our butts kicked this week. The difference in moving just a couple brackets is dramatic, especially for newer players that don’t have all the troops and traits that end-gamers like us have.

I sent Raph some suggestions privately.

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Yeah, that’s why I said you could feel free to PM me in case someone wasn’t comfortable sharing their teams publicly. Also, I didn’t figure someone that’s in our same bracket would be helping, but perhaps those from PC or Xbox who I wouldn’t be competing with anyways.

We use PSN communities as our guild chat interface and to say it’s tough to have larger, meaningful conversations on there is an understatement. Limited character count per message, no grouping of threads, everything and anything is censored, etc.

If it were easier to communicate back and forth on there I would have asked on there, but to have someone pull 6 different teams and make a meaningful response through communities would be about 15 posts long.

Stan got back with me and theres a few in there I think I’m going to try out (others I don’t have the correct mythics).

Thanks though!


Best thing to do is just start a guild group chat on psn and invite all the guild members. Have a separate announcement thread too.

My wife’s guild does that, but it honestly seems like too much (there is a lot of noise to try to sort through if you’re not going to spend a lot of time at it). I think for our casual guild, we’ve got about the right balance, though it does lead to less constructive team-building talk than happens in more competitive guilds.

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I agree, we’re primarily gw focused

There is no harm in asking for suggestions with guild war teams, both offensively and defensively but the chances of responses are slim. After all, a magician never reveals his tricks.

Like @Nephilim said, we have numerous chat groups to cover all sorts, one being guild war teams where we have a spreadsheet listing a mixture of teams for each day. It isn’t easy but we have a great bunch that have done so well to work together to improve in this area which has been reflected in our guild war results.

For me, I adjust my teams each battle depending what I come up against. I think sometimes it is very much a case of trial and error in finding what works. The beast team I created this week has received some praise from the guild, something of a rarity :joy:

Anyway, all the best in finding what works for you guys and gals :+1:

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