Guild War Team ideas

So with the fact that we will be needing/using color specific teams each day for guild wars I thought it would be cool to come up with ideas.

I’ve got my all green team that I made for the event the other week of:

Dark Madien

Was thinking of Blue using
Emperor Khorvash
Deep Borer
Queen Mab

For Purple currently testing
Bone Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Queen Mab
That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Other people have ideas for other teams or improvements?

4x Death for half of the week. 4x Famine for another half.


Ah if only I had even one of either of those :cry:

I’m very interested in Defense team ideas too. I assume transformers and removers will be very effective to deny the daily color. Tyri, for example, seems super strong. Wondering if she can be used in a team all week effectively, or if it needs to be more targeted.

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I agree removers and specific mana transformers should be useful. But troops like Tyri and selected transformers (Giant Spider, Green Seer, Valk etc) might not be, since you’re relying on the AI to pick the opponents colour. Troops like Terraxis, Banshee, Drake Ride, etc might be more effective.

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