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Strategy discussion for colored teams

So I have a pretty solid team for today’s color, except the 4th level team.

I’m really trying to stay in the color realm (I know what I would do if I wasn’t) but I want to get some ideas of where to put and who to put to fight against Draak. Once he gets going - even if you run the board, he can destroy a team.

He takes life and is immune against Death Mark. (And I really don’t want to add to the issue since he does double damage with skulls so my BD and him do not get along.

My original team was Herald (Mythic/3/20th), TDS (Leg/2/19th), BD (Leg/2/19th), Revenant (Mythic/3/20th) We were doing great, had it down to just Draak and at 29 points left on him, and he got a double 4 skull drop and he had been armed, so basically he took out everyone in one swoop turn. (It was turn 7 but still)

I have Plague of the 4 horsemen (mythic/1/20th) - I have thought of using Dracos 137 (Leg/1/19th),

I plan on keeping Herald in slot 1 since he took out the first two troops… Its the last lost, swapping out Revenant to something that can do directed damage, and maybe even protect the team somehow


Part of the fun of Guild Wars, is the fact that it is a war between Guilds. I suggest you to discuss your strategic plan within your guild :wink:


I actually want to help the lower level guilds and lower level players by providing ideas for such issues. Maybe think of it that way?


Just giving my opinion. Being in a guild doesn’t urge me to help other guilds.
If you feel otherwise, that’s fine.


I think your Dracos idea is a spot on. Even if he doesn’t get the insta-kill he will completely control Draak with his other effects.

You might also look into other teams using Kerberos(as he would colour clash heavily with your current one) if you have him. His devour can make short work of Draak, and if you have Kerb fully traited he is an amazing stabilzer for purple teams in General by refilling the ranks naturally. I actually traited mine just for todays GW and don’t regret it.

I love how summoners and control troops actually feel worthwhile in GW, a shame it is only 5 games a day.^^


This right here is one of the reasons I am quitting.

This mentality. Guild wars has been a horrible thing for this game and I’m really upset by it. We can’t even have a discussion about teams anymore because the community it pitted against each other. Rather than being helpful and kind we are now going to be toxic because we want to win some dumb war.

Thanks but no thanks.

For the war today I used:

Green seer

Lost the final battle with deathmark bs and mana drains. Won the rest without losing troops.


Ended up using:

Obsidian Golem

While Pharos-Ra is proving to be quite the sniper for GW, he is base mythic. The outstanding performer for me was Obsidian Golem. If you can hit 3 or 4 red gems with his spell he does a decent chunk of damage to the first troop. Add in Stoneskin for tanking and only 12 mana to cast, he can be reasonably formidable at taking out an enemy tank, or guild guardian (got to love that Construct Slayer).

I didn’t have to face Draak, but I did face Famine twice, and one of those times was with Psion and War in the same team (and Gorgotha in second slot behind Psion). Managed to not lose a troop, but had to take my time and consider my moves first.

In terms of countering Draak specifically, try and get a decent sniper I think to try and take out threats quickly. Avina and Succubus are both reasonably cheap and have decent base magic.


@Mekkalyn I would hate to see you leave the game over GW. :frowning:

But, respectfully, I have to disagree that @Royalty was being toxic. In fact that’s probably one of the gentlest "Sorry, not gonna help you. " posts I’ve seen.

And to play devils advocate, I’ve seen very little toxicity between players it’s all been directed at DK class and Death Mark.

Just my two cents…

… don’t quit… :angel:


Don’t quit.

I’m going to do like @Ozball and @HKdirewolf @ogunther @Tacet and a few others I noticed yesterday going searching for how to handle draak are helping and are thinking of the folks in guilds not as powerful and players who don’t have these godforsaken OPs.

I will share what I know, brainstorm with folks, and help where I can with ideas that don’t always take OPs to win.

Please…there is a growing group of players who will help and want to help - OUTSIDE their guild

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That is what I was seeing. It really is too bad there isn’t a ‘try against x’ sandbox so folks could try and get the feel of the troop before GW or even PVP - I tried doing my own defense but it doesn’t work as I expected it would. Maybe I am doing it wrong.

I was futzing with her last night - seeing how she worked in PVP… Dracos 317 did a lot better at getting what I wanted accomplished. Downside - no team with Draak so I couldn’t really make that happen.

I have Pharos but no traits. Will take a look at him again.

What i do when i am unsure about a GW battle, i search the pvp leaderboard for similar teams to test stuff out first. It can take a while to find a fitting team sometimes, but generally the more dangerous types of teams tend to be there in some variation.

I’ve been using my defense team and then going into my ‘profile’ and attacking myself to test out ideas.

Problem is my cards are not at the same level as the opponent…so it sorta doesn’t work as well as I wanted it to

So I have been playing against myself with a team that mirrors the opponent and Dracos 1337 and I like how it worked against Draak (4 times even) but I need to get it fed faster. I am actually thinking of switching BD with it.

Just pair Dracos with a Mechanist Hero:
Now Dracos has a 4th trait- FAST! :wink:


Great to see a such thread up! :slight_smile: It always warms my heart when people care a little about others, and not only themselves and their own Guild.

Today I used:


Abyssal Banner, my fav! :smiley:

5/5 some heavy luck in the last GW battle vs. Deathknight with 3 stealthy troops…you can possibly change out Nyx with Kraken also.


Thank you folks for the suggestion - Dracos did an amazing job taking out Draak. However we were very mana starved and the Kraken (even though we got rid of their mana makers) managed to get in two solid hits and took out two troops each (both devours of the second troop)

Dracos just didn’t have a chance after that to survive anything from Kraken.

Almost…so close. But now I have a troop that I will have to tackle Draak going forward.

This is one of the things I think might be the biggest challenge for GW invade teams, since targeted converters are never in their own colours, so we have to rely on AB converters (Shadow Dragon, Banshee, Pharos-Ra etc and yes I am kinda making some of these terms up right now) or, my personal favourite so far, Exploders. I’ve had a lot of success with Gorgotha and Ragnagord so far, and even Carnex was useful as a backup while tanking during the purple War.

Combine this with one of the new Storm effects and it can really get a team going. Unfortunately we don’t have many decent Storm troops so far. The only one I’ve found to really work so far is Garuda. Since he causes Firestorm, paired with Gorgotha during Yellow, or sandwiched between Carnex and Ragnagord during Red, after his first cast he’s rarely more than a turn or two of getting filled up. Plus his damage gets higher and higher each time.

Having said all this, I haven’t figured out my team for Green yet, but will probably be using Skullbeard in some form or another.

The issue was even with TDS - we were getting heavy green in the drops. - Not sure why… and unfortunately that made it hard to even fill that much purple, red, brown and yellow for anyone.

The Guardians were supposed to be that - but again, they take a ton of mana to get up as well. For me I’ve always had on a team a non-color mana maker so it can get mana and give mana as it fired off.

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For the record I wasn’t saying HE was toxic. I’m saying the mentality is toxic for the game.

He was very kind. Wasn’t meant as an attack or anything.