Strategy discussion for colored teams


I don’t personally count TDS as a full fledged exploder. For me he only explodes 9 Gems, where as Gorgotha does 16 and Ragnagord does 13. Even Carnex does more at 10 (though is a lot more situational since he only explodes skulls).

If we assume half the number of the explosions overlap, so you only get say 5 out of a possible 9 from each gem. TDS ends up hitting for around 40 gems, while Ragnagord hits 65. Compared to the size of the board, TDS only hits 62.5% of the board, while Ragnagord hits all of it. Now of course the numbers here are probably a little high, since getting ALL of the board with Ragnagord is quite hard (I’ve been playing a game where I try to get all 64 gems with his cast… haven’t managed it yet though :P), but it still illustrates my point.

These are my rankings for the exploders.

Full Fledged Exploders:
Herdmaster (can be a bit tricky, since he only explodes yellow)
Poison Master (Same as Herdmaster, only explodes green)

Captain Skullbeard
Dragonmoth (hits a lot of gems, but only explodes if there are 13+ red on the board)

Also worth noting that Captain Skullbeard and TDS scale on half magic, rather than the full magic of the other troops on the list.


Poison master, is he worth to mention?


Whoops, yes definitely, he’s in the same category as Herdmaster I think.


I agree, though in practice TDS manafeed tends to be closer to Gorgotha than those numbers suggest, still behind but generally enough to fullfill the roll fine, oftentimes refilling itself completely or close to while feeding the rest a good amount.
And i cherish it for its AoE damage even in non dragon teams it adds so much utility, eating at the enemy team, keeping armor down to control armor scalers, taking barriers out of the picture or simply accelerating the speed of your team.
That makes him one of my two top exploders, alongside Gorgotha with whom he also works fantastic in tandem, outside of GW.


I’m done trying monocolor teams. Too much BS from defense teams: deathmark, devour, or cheesy luck guardian looping. I’ve almost uninstalled this game on 3 occasions this week because being forced to play monocolor teams to get the best score just gimps my team while still facing the same meta “dice roll ftw” defenses. No thanks. I went back to my normal pvp teams and I immediately started to win the rest of my games.

I don’t feel like monocolor teams can be made with enough synergy, especially not enough to stop the RNG train when one mana surge fills kerberos and he eats your first troop. Smh blood pressure rising again.


I don’t think monocolour is necessarily the only way. The better approach is surely to get as many of the daily colour in your team for your team to still be a well-oiled machine being able to deal with multiple threats.
However for some colours (possibly all) there are very solid monocolour options for teams that are still versatile to deal with whatever is thrown their way.
Anyways the point loss from not using strict mono-coloured teams is not that massive, much less severe than losing games.



It appears to me that quite a few here only want to easily win using four same colour troops. If that’s what players want bugger off the boni because it’s worthless when there is no incentive to strategise as you’ve described above.


I do strategize. I use my normal pvp team because my team synergises well. This “gimp your team” guild wars point earning system just makes this game feel even more like a gambling casino to me.


@brandonwiker i couldnt disagree more. I think trying to build teams with color restrictions that still work well together is soooooo much fun!!!

It makes long forgotten corners of this old MtG junkie’s heart light up😎


Any thoughts on Yellow teams for today?

I’ve tried Gorg / Terraxis / Astral Spirit / IK but it doesn’t feel that strong. It seems very dependent on Astral Spirit and her damage is a bit underwhelming. Terraxis also works at cross-purposes since it takes the most important color (Blue) and transforms it to help fill Gorg (Brown), which isn’t a priority. You’re also then relying on one single-target True Damage troop and one AoE damage troop. And IK at the bottom with 18 cost means he just doesn’t see any action.

I know others mentioned Silent One is strong, but I don’t have it traited, nor do I have the stones to do so.


Silent One is strong without his traits, his power comes mostly from his spell stopping an entire enemy team in its tracks.

Anyways i went with a somewhat similar team to yours last week; Gorgotha/Hellcat/Terraxis/Jotnar. Between Gorgotha Hellcat and Terraxis you have great manaflow and control over the board/prolonged turns. Jotnar is strictly there for barriers BECAUSE HIS SPELL IS UTTER TRASH cough …excuse me, the barriers add a good amount of stability and even provide an emergency out for Deathcurse if all other measures to stop it fail.
If i need manadrain or stun i replace Jotnar with Moloch/Manticore/Wandering Monk/Dracos…, don’t mind red manaclashes, Hellcat and Gorgotha spread around enough for all.


It really doesn’t take that much courage to trait, you just click on the troop, click trait…
Oh… you mean “stones” as in traitstones, not “stones” as in cahones…

Nevermind… :wink:


The 1st rule of GW is too not disclose best GW color teams hehe :wink:


Good thing is you don’t need the best, you just need one to get through the day flawlessly :wink:




Jokes aside, as far as strategy goes… there are 4 things that you need to have a truly effective GW team.

  1. A mana generator, speed is of the essence, you need a way to encourage fate to fill your troops first.
  2. A summoner, with RNGesus being fickle, having a summoner to refill those DMed troops is key.
  3. A drainer/negator to either prevent or stall the AI from casting their spells.
  4. A Kill Switch, something that is going to bring the boom.

With those 4 elements, you can construct a single color team that with smart play, and a little bit of luck, can survive all 5 battles with all 4 troops.

One final pointer, some troops fulfill more than one of these roles, freeing up a slot for customization and utility. Start here and build to YOUR strengths. And… Happy Hunting! :wink:


There are troops that are marginal in PVP that are extremely useful in GW because they control enemy spellcasters, particularly Famine and Death.

Think The Silent One, Dracos, and Succubus…


Great post and looks a lot like how I’m approaching team build for GW.


Speak for yourself, some of us want to help the community. To everybody else, best team for blue or yellow days is 4x Elspeth :innocent:

More seriously, I’m enjoying reading the conversations, but agree that for those with good guilds who communicate well this sort of thing is best done behind closed doors. But not everybody has that available or prefers that, so glad the forum is available/friendly for those that want to strategize here.


I used Krys/Krys/TDS/Shadow Dragon for “green day” GW. Oh wait, that’s also my normal pvp team. Bent those stupid-a** devour and deathmark teams right over, 5/0 for the day.