Strategy discussion for colored teams


The only problem is that due to the way the points are calculated, you only would get 4200 points for that (given a 50% colour bonus). Conversely, using a full color team would be worth 6300 points (50% more), and even if you lost 3 of troops each battle it would still be better getting 5625 points. Winning with any meta team really isn’t a challenge. But with GW the trick is to do it with mono colour teams, and anything else really doesn’t generate enough points to be competitive.


Shouldn’t that be 4950 Points with 3 troops lost each battle? Still better than 4200, just by a much smaller margin.

Anyways the difference from 3 troops of the daily colour to 4 troops of the daily colour is much smaller than 2 to 4.
Obviously using 4 troops of the daily colour yields the most possible points, but using just 3 of the daily colour is not that far behind (20%), especially when using one non-daily coloured troop results in less troops or even complete battles lost. That is far away from not being competitive imho.


Good catch, thanks. Cut’n’paste error in the spreadsheet, and missed updating the fifth battle. Appreciate the extra eyes.

I’m not sure if it’s a matter of degree or maybe the bracket (we’re in the second bracket), but 20% is a huge amount. From last weeks results, 20% of first place would put you in 6th place for bracket 1, 10th place in bracket 2, and 4th place in bracket 3. That’s obviously not perfectly accurate since there is a mixture of teams, but it’s more to point out that 80% sounds pretty competitive until you compare it against a bunch of teams who are taking advantage of the bonus points.


I totally understand. I can’t be bothered to play this game under so much stress with monocolor teams while still dealing with meta defense teams (DM, devour.) I’ve settled with trying to get 2-3 troops of the daily color so I can roflstomp these scrub RNG instakill based defenses.

At least with 4200 I’ve scored two-thirds of the max score, with 100% less real life rage and stress! I call that a win.


When i watched Tacets videos last week i saw several of his guilds members to have more than 20% less than the maximum possible points and his guild won the first week of Guild Wars. And that was with 80% Sentinels.

If you can do all daily colour teams and win 100% and not lose troops you would be foolish not to do so, but using 3 daily coloured troops for the tradeoff of losing less troops or even battles is still competitive enough.


I don’t disagree with the sentiment, and as long as you’re in a guild that feels the same, everything will be awesome. But I’m not sure if that would work in guilds that want to be/stay competitive in GW, since if a good portion of your guild (my gut tells me about 1/3, but that’s totally a guess) decides to do that you’ll be unlikely to advance to higher brackets. And if you’re in a higher bracket already, I would expect it to fall a bit until things equalize around other teams that want “stress-free” competition rather than high-level competition.

However, in relation to this thread, I don’t think there is really any special GW strategy in that case, since it’s no different than regular PvP where you use any cards you want to beat your opponent. Personally I have no problem discussing general strategy or how to beat a deck if there aren’t any troop restrictions, since I don’t see that as having any bearing on GW or disadvantage to my guild. And I love dragon teams :smiley:


Good points. Personally, I’d love to see better stats on the proportion of people using multi-coloured teams, since I wonder how much of those lower points are due to losses and how much due to team composition. I may just go re-watch those videos :wink: Not enough data yet to prove/disprove my hypothesis yet I don’t think, just my “feeling” at this point, so I won’t claim indisputable graduate-level proof for this yet :wink: . Appreciate the counter-points and debate though, @Gouki !


I assume the lack of max points depends on how competitive the guild is. Competitive guilds are missing points b/c they’re trying to run an all-daily-color team and losing troops. Less competitive guilds are missing points b/c they aren’t using all-daily-color teams.


Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, keep them coming. I have had a lot of folks ask some really awesome questions in here and on a few other forums.

With that my green team today we went 5/0, but what I need to remember is to make sure Manicore and Marilith are taking turns casting to increase their life. I actually went into the last round thinking I wasn’t going to survive (Naga Queen and 3 Scale Guards) But once the first 4 match happened that pretty much ended the game for them. Getting the Naga Queen entangled and keeping Spirit fox stealing mana while rotating between Mani and Mari - made all the difference.

Fully Traited, 20th Level, Mythics

Silent Fox


So here is my green team

Spider Queen ( leader trait, disable and armor strip)
Dark Maiden ( mana generator with nature link bonus with some board control and heals)
Krystenax (summoner with an AoE hit and some board control, easily enchanted with traits)
Silvanimora ( keeps skull pressure off and also has mana generation and AoE damage)

Green days I’ve found to be the easiest simply because Krystenax is such a versatile troop and skulls are practically meaningless with slyvanimora’s dragon vines. If you find you need impervious or stun the spider queen can be switched for a manticore without much disruption of synergy. Dragon vines and the dark maiden’s heals should be able to keep the spider queen alive, and the spider queen should be able to keep casters in check so that your dragons can do what they do best.


I used:


for my 5 battles today.


I don’t have Famine or Abynissia :cry:, so I ran:


with Abyssal banner. It’s all yellow and all demon so you get both those bonuses. With some luck good on skull distracts, it makes for an easy fight. I went 5 and 0.


Good team, Drathas! :slight_smile:


Thanks - In the Paragon fight was against a Desdaemona. Had to make sure she didn’t get a cast off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is really helpful. But which troops are kill switches?


Those troops that can create a large amount of DMG, whether it be area or single enemy.

Think… Ketras, or Gards Avatar. At lower levels, Rowanne is a great kill switch. Queen Ysa is a great kill switch because she deals a troops attack as dmg, while BOOSTING that troops attack making her spell stronger, AND she gives Mana so she is also your generator.

In short, any troop that by casting their spell will result in an AI death, is a KILL SWITCH.

Hope that helps! Happy Hunting!


Thank you for your help!