Guild Wars and low-key/low-level players


I need a bit of help, please.

I run a low level, extremely relaxed guild on mobile - we take in noobs, and require nothing from them, we look after them until they fly the nest (but most have chosen to stay, despite our low rewards). Which is really nice.

Im continually asked about Guild Wars teams. Specifically GW teams that don’t rely on Legendaries, Mythics, or traits. I chose to believe that guild wars should be possible with common-ultra-rare troops. (At least in our current bracket).

I would dearly love to put together a list of colour-specific, common/rare teams that require skill to use, and don’t just rely on traits. So that when people are struggling - which they do - we can, at the very least, offer them a couple of accessible options for teams.

I appreciate that I am asking a lot here, but any suggestions on common team set-ups would be greatly appreciated.

Goblins for green days seem to be the most obvious one off the top of my head.

I’ll see if I can come up with others later.

Edit: In general you probably will want to look at builds that give class and/or kingdom bonuses to give bigger buffs to said troops like goblins above.


To your overall approach, I would say that focusing on mono-colour teams probably isn’t what you want to do. I’m in bracket 2 on PS4 (which is probably equivalent to something between bracket 8 and 20 on PC/Mobile), but even there, we get by with most players using whatever team gives them the best chance to win each battle. If you want to get a reasonable balance between ease of team-building and GW bonuses, I’d say (at most) shoot for 3 troops with the colour of the day plus a mana-generator/converter.

For example, on blue day, build a team around Valkyrie with a combination of blue/other troops: one blue/brown, one blue/purple and one blue/green. That gives you 3/4 blue troops plus a troop that can feed the others. On brown day, do the same with Apothecary. That should give you a fighting chance and lets people use the troops that they already have and have invested in.


I took a lot of questions early on from mid level players outside my guild about GW. So I kindly asked @Tacet to put something together for them. Fortunately by that time he already had received l lots of requests for the same content. I hope this helps your Guildmates.


For red days to enter in to the spirit of mono war colours might I suggest (epic,rare,rare,epic)
Annointed One

I just tested it 3 times against Psion,Silent One, Famine, Death. Psion, Ragna, Famine, Famine. Psion, Ragna ,Death,Famine.
It beat them all :grinning:

Anointed is powerful even when it isnt buffed.

I am an end game player in bracket 2 - I may well use this myself next red day :laughing::laughing::+1:


Thanks everyone - I’m heartened by the replies. My fear is that GW had stopped people from sharing so freely.


Don’t get me wrong - I’m a seasoned ps4 player (I dropped out of bracket 1 - [Youll have fought me at some point mate; Im Th3W1301113]), but I’m not particularly good at the game in and of itself - I broadly rely on mythic troops and heavy traits and the chaos that they create… Ive killed that *account, dropped out, and now run a low-key guild on mobile (and a closed, one person guild on ps4).

Each day of guild wars I share whatever team I’ve used that day. But I’m aware that I’ve traited a handful of key troops that make life so much easier for me. Not everyone in the guild has them, or hs them traited.

I want to be able to offer the cats in my guild a couple of team options that don’t rely on a specific hard to find/trait cards etc. Something thats well balanced and can, potentially, compete in GW.

Anyway, Im horribly drunk and Ive been writing this reply for so long that I’ve completely forgotten what I wanted to say.

So, let me thank you for your response, and allow me to wish you all the very best.

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As I was reading that post, I was like, “Wow, this guy is really starting to ramble. What point is he trying to… Oh. Drunk.”

I totally get where you’re coming from, I was just thinking that setting the bar a little lower by going for a general approach to building a 3x team, rather than giving a specific 4x team might be more flexible, especially when a lot of low level players won’t have particular troops levelled and/or traited. That converter plus 3 approach is easy enough to explain and lets people have some fun with troops they like, while still being pretty reliable for wins.

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Yeah, sorry guys, Should probably refrain from internetting whilst drunken. Unfortunately, its probably the only time I feel confident enough to post shite in public. Suspect its a generational thing.

Thank you all for being so kind… and restraint.


No problem, and I really think a lot of people are still willing to share and help around here. You should probably go lie down, though.

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Im very nearly horizontal - but the fact that I can still read and almost string a sentence together tells me that the night is still young. Will abstain from posting for the time being. For everyones benefit…

Nice one Stan!