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Help for getting souls

If seen a couple of posts but would ask myself. Im having 30000 souls now buy don’t want to invest them because i want to save them up to get Xantheos

So what are my options to get soul fast and what teams and should i buy the Celestial armor? I have the dragon armor.

Also i have no Mythic troops.

I havr The Keeper Of Souls full traited , and i have the dragon soul no traits @ the moment. What troops or what could help?

I think everyone would suggest Divinion Fields first challenge…

Im hopeing to get many as i can but im happy if i could grind around 300 souls a min.

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The best soul farming team if you have no Pharos-Ra is


Do the first challenge in Divinion Fields till your eyes bleed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have celestial armor and use:

Dragon soul
Flesh golem

Gives me 245 souls per 20 second explore match.
(Edit:Put Necromancy on the bottom 3 obviously)

Well if im soing the challenge i get 157 max without the armor! And begin the 100 if im lucky and play on hard in explore but not a game of 20 sec…

You probably know this , but basically you need:
1- troops that increase the max soul you can collect (aka Necro trait)

2- Ways to collect extra souls. Popular are The Dragon Soul and Valkyrie. Some weapons also give souls, and then your hero can be a Necromamcer (get souls on gem matches)

3- extra bonus (armor and difficulty setting)
You aim at a difficulty with the best bonus you can get while still winning fast.

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