Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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It’s a mad mad mad mad world (in Karakoth).

New Troop: Dark Troll

Nobody is sure if the Dark Trolls of Karakoth are living or undead. It seems fairly certain though that they are a sub-species of troll formed from some failed magical experiment.

New Troop: Void Portal

Very occasionally in Karakoth, travellers will happen across a Void Portal. This rare phenomenon happens because the fabric of reality, separating our world from the Daemon Realms is very thin there. Mages will generally try to destroy them if they seem them, since they can let many unsavory things into the world.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Eagerly awaiting console event news… :blush:


Please change that Insulated + Impervious mess. Pleeeease.


^ I was about to mention it.

This new troll will keep my mind busy for a while, trying to figuring out a good team. :slight_smile:

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Yah, admittedly, having both Impervious and Insulated seems somewhat redundant. :slight_smile:

I am sooooo going to love that Dark Troll. Makes purples! Evil grin LOTS of purples!!

Purples = “Me Precious”!


What about changing Insulated into Magic Link or Daemonic Pact @Sirrian? Seems fitting that the portal gathers energy easily from the rift between worlds (Magic Link) or releases it all sometimes pulling at least a minor Daemon (Ancient Horror from Daemonic Pact) when it’s destroyed.


Daemon Bond or Daemonic Pact would be the best two options for the insulated due to the kingdom being based around daemons.


@Sirrian Should add event info to your weekly posts, like with type/kingdoms gain 25%, what yields extra rewards, and how do you earn snotstones.


I’m pretty sure the screenshot is in error… I’m fairly certain the portal doesn’t have insulated… not in the office yet though!

Heading into the holidays, our normal workflow got interrupted with so many people on leave; the screenshots got taken before the troops were finalised it seems - I noticed last week there were errors in the screenshots too.


You’re only human :slight_smile:

Pretty sure he’s Human/Knight


Hope there are some changes coming to this week’s mythic too!

That said, I like where these two troops are going. Should be fun to play around with them.

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If you’re going to make Void Portal an impervious troop, might as well replace the insulated trait with one of these traits:
-Fire Link
-Magic Link

Spoiler thread has Insulated as well and I’m pretty sure that isn’t based on weeks-old screenshots…

True, but it is based on data that was in the last update, and it may be a case of they haven’t updated the live game files with the new changes since they’ve made them, which would mean the spoiler thread would also be out of date. We’ll just have to wait and see what the new data is when it hits later today.


Yeah - we’ve have an update due out before the event for a while… we could have pushed it last week, but we held onto it in case any other problems showed up. I just thought the screenshot had been captured post-fix, not pre-fix.

‘Insulated’ obviously makes no sense on this troop, but it was actually a slip of the mouse-wheel that put it there in the first place… it was meant to be ‘Inscribed’ which is next to ‘Insulated’ in our traits list!


Hello eye of sauron.

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Void Portal seems like a pretty tough troop to get much use out of. Browsing ashtender, the only good demons I saw that gain much from magic are Webspinner and Terraxis, and even with them 2 magic isn’t much.