Heart of Rage Refund

Hello adventurers, today we pushed the mail that contains a Heart of Rage for those that had theirs consumed during crafting.

Roughly 270 people used Heart of Rage in crafting, so if you were one of them please check your mail!

Thank you for your patience while we organised this. Happy matching!


Woah. So ETA on the rebalance? Because that’s got to be 10% of those with the ability to craft it… If it was actually worth the extreme cost to attain.

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And the question is, how many of them didnt craft zuul before.
I hope noone did an noone ever will do :grimacing:

Holy cow. 270 actually seems a lot to me. I am playing for a very long time, and i was barely able to craft it. I can’t imagine 2700 people are able to craft this thing, even if they would prioritize it over Zuul (hahaha, if they do that…).

Enraged Kurunda was fun to use in GW for sure. I’m glad I crafted it and also thankful I didn’t chase the Heart of Rage with vault keys.

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I am just one Major Orb of Ascension away from crafting Enraged Kurandara. I would have crafted it the day it released, but months ago I used a ton of Major Orbs of Ascension to uh… well…

I suspect I’m not the only one who was short of Major Orbs of Ascension simply because they burned them on stupid stuff like this, not knowing Orbs of Power would come back into use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I had even 1 normal ascension orb for each major I wasted on troops when I first started I could have Zuul and half of EK.

You live and learn I guess.

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I don’t feel any of this was wasted. :smile:

image image


I take it back, I don’t feel bad you lost 9 out of 10 arena runs lol.


No one ever does. Sigh. :smile:

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