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Have you re-restarted the week just now?

Ahm?! All our guild tasks have been reset to 0 just now. My weekly 1 mio gold is gone, the roster is reset (with the 1 mio counting towards total contribution, weekly contribution is 0) - all tasks are reset. I dont complain about it, we can do every single task again, getting the better roi for the lower tasks (xp wise). Still… what?!

So the week was reset and then re-reset, all tasks finished in that time have been reset to 0, the rewards have been sent per mail, gold in unfinished tasks has been sent per mail aswell… xp for completed tasks has been obtained. It only messes up the roster for those who already paid their weekly share.

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We had the same issue in our guild. It seems as though there was a double reset. All task donations reset to zero.

Ok thanks for the confirmation. Nothing is lost though, cause I remember getting a mail with money for unfinished tasks.

Yep same issue here in our guild.

Better roi on the lower tasks as you can finish them more than once… harder to get the stat bonus though.

I am seeing this issue on my main account, but not with the guild on my secondary account (possibly because I wasn’t playing and I’m not sure if anybody donated in the interim).

We seem to be getting full rewards for completing the tasks a second time, just like having another refresh. All weekly contribution stats have also been reset. I also got mailed my “unclaimed seals” for the intervening period not once but twice (in addition to the normal guild task rollover gold mail from the “normal” reset), and seal stats also appear to have been completely reset.

Hey guys, we’re looking into the guild resets at the moment.


What should we do in the meantime? should we finish tasks, or wait?

I would wait in the meantime. Our tech lead is looking into it but I don’t have an ETA for a fix yet.

Ours seems fine. Is it a good thing or bad thing?

A good thing… cause you could refinish lower tasks and get nice rewards for low investment. A bad thing… if your guild already contributed a lot of gold (some 2 mio + for me) cause it gets harder to obtain the stat bonus. I’d still wait for now, as @nimhain suggested.

Pop Tigerclaw guild onto the list also - I deposited 350k first thing and now lunchtime it appears I am slacking back at zero :thinking:

If it helps any I was actually logged in and playing as the reset ticked over this morning (7am GMT) on iOS.

Will submit a support ticket separately.


Put Black Dragon on the unlucky list as well.

It looks like there were at least three resets in a short period of time.
We’ve gotten a total of 760 glory from tasks, which corresponds with L1,2 + L1,2 + L1,2,3 .

We believe we have fixed the guild resetting issue.

You should be able to start donating to your guild again.

Please let us know if you run into any issues.