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Guild roster glitch

Okay … so.

I was on mobile (BlackBerry Key2, Android) … but this is not really relevant.

The thing that happened is, that I donated gold to guild (even two separate statues) right after weekly reset (cca 1min after reset). And while the gold was donated properly towards the statues, it doesnt show as my donation towards the guild in this week. Instead, it got added towards the “total gold” donated during my stay in the guild - like if I donated it past week and not this week.

My wild guess is that u have the weekly reset crons separate, and I donated gold b4 the guild roster cron went through.

It’s a known bug. Wait a few minutes before donating to guild - I’ve had no trouble 3 to 5 minutes after reset.

Yes this is technically working as intended.

The weekly reset doesn’t happen instantly, it takes some time to finish.
Also if you don’t refresh the game between reset and the donation then the game will still think you’re in last week.

I’ve corrected your Weekly Contribution on your Guild Roster so your Guild can see what you really donated this week.

To avoid this in future, please wait a few minutes before donating after weekly reset, and ensure you go into the PVP menu or your mailbox and back to the guild menu to refresh your game.
The safest way to do it is to just exit the game and open it again before donating after weekly reset.