Have a life but still want to play on a good level? Join Drums of Krynn. 😃 Rank 140, GW bracket 5 [30/30] FULL


We’re full again. If you are interested to join at a later date, please let us know. We’d love to meet you. :smiley:


We have one spot open, give us a try, you won’t regret it. :wink: We can be reached here (@SpaceOddity or @kevin-1) and on Discord (SpaceOddity#0934 or kevin-#0075).


Seriously, c’mon! :slight_smile:

Super active and helpful Discord server and we get stuff done. I figure if you’re over level 300 and are patient, you’ll grow with us easily. Slightly lower level players that are crazy determined will succeed, too—seen it happen! Not asking for one gold more than mins if you haven’t leveled Kingdoms yet. Also not looking for GW superstars as long as you play.


Listen to Kevin, he’s right! :grin:


Hello…I’m interested in joining. SpaceOddity…I sent you a Friend request on Discord…tried to send PM on there but got blocked as only PM’s from friends allowed. I’m a fairly active newer player at Level 221. This week I’m almost at your req’s for my current guild with 56k gold, 1k seals, and 176 trophies. I’m in a guild but it’s a fairly non-active one overall. Looking for a more active guild but not necessarily an uber-crazy one. :slight_smile: Just let me know if you’re interested! Thanks in advance.


I’ve accepted your discord invite. Time to alter my message settings I guess, thanks for the feedback. :wink:


We have one spot open currently. Feel free to contact us on discord if you’re interested or have questions: SpaceOddity#0934 or kevin-#0075.


Hi, do you still have a spot?
Only Lvl 135, but can fulfill requirements. Daily active player. Current guild is too casual(<3000 seals).

Invite Code EHH!_WQWZ



I sent you a pm @Ehh :slight_smile:


Hey, looking for a spot as well. Only level 66 so I’m still building up resources but I get all the seals every week. Discord is Fgame#2234


I tried sending you a friend request but discord is telling me the handle isn’t correct? We’ve just filled the spot, but I can put you on our waiting list if you like, we might have a new spot open in the near future. Send me a friend request if you’re still interested. :+1:


We’ve got one spot available! Interested? Don’t hesitate to reply or contact me on discord. :slight_smile: SpaceOddity#0934


We are full again. If you’re interested in joining at a later date feel free to contact us. :slight_smile:


We have two seats available today if you and a friend would like to join us. :slight_smile: Send us a note if you are interested or have additional questions: SpaceOddity#0934 or kevin-#0075


Great Guild.

Couldn’t recommend it higher :+1:


There’s just one spot left, let us know if you’re interested. We’d love to have you in our team. :+1:


Hi, I’m an active player interested in joining!


I’ve just accepted your friend request on Discord and sent you a message there. :+1:


We are now full, but when you want to join at the next opportunity, let us know. :+1:


We have a few spots open this week, so if you and a friend want to join we’ve got room for you both. Hope to see you soon. :smiley: