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Looking for 20k seal casual guild

Okay so the guild search in game is awful and the only guilds it suggests to me since I’m level 137 are high level guilds with very high requirements like 250k gold minimum and shit. I suppose I should spare some from reading too far, I don’t contribute gold to tasks because I’m still leveling all my kingdoms to level 10 and it takes a ridiculous amount of money, after I do that I’ll be able to contribute to tasks cause my money will have nowhere else to go and I’ll ACTUALLY have decent income. However I’m very active I play every day and I almost always cap my 1500 seals. I’m looking for a guild that isn’t gonna kick me in 2 seconds for not contributing gold but can make 20k seals. Tasks I’m not gonna be picky about cause even I can’t contribute. If someone will let me join their guild, my invite code is NORRIK_9GTZ. Thanks.

There are many good guilds who would take you.
Try posting in global chat and you will get snapped up in no time

Safe Word is recruiting, only requirements are GW sentinels to 3 and 750 seals a week. LINE is strongly recommended since that’s where almost all of our communication is, ingame chat is still bunk, but isn’t required. We’ve only missed 20K seals once and that was over Christmas when everyone was gone.

Drums of Krynn is currently not recruiting, but you would fit in perfectly. Our weekly requirements are 78k gold / 700 seals / 40 trophies. We always do 20k seals and occasionally push for 40k when there is a new Mythic. We require people to play the GW matches but are relaxed about the results. This got us in bracket 7 atm. Also, we use Discord to (text) chat, and we chat a lot! :smiley: so we require that too.
You would be welcome on our waitinglist if you are interested.

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our guild WE ARE ONE is recruiting.
We are hitting every week 20000 seals and usually we are completing also legendary task.
We only require 500 seals/week and daily play on guild war. Nothing else.
Our guild is 187 on global rank (Granmaster I 200% gold bonus) with all the guild statues level 90+ and the guild level is 300+
Let me know if you would like to join, we will be happy to help you grow whit us!!


See my post for Troublesome Strumpett Guild a bit further down :slight_smile:

If you can do 700+ seals we don’t need gold as well since we appreciate you’ll want this to level up your Kingdoms.

For the most part your guild sounds like a good choice my only concern is that I’ve never once played guild wars and I don’t have many good troops, I just stick with a hydra, Luther, dimetraxia, and my character with either warlord’s battlecry or summer’s fury. So I would be willing to do all daily battles but I have a feeling I would only be giving the enemy guilds points. So if you still want me I’ll gladly join but I’m just forewarning I might not be a good choice if you want a strong GW player

don’t worry about your result on GW.
Even if you lose battles the guild is gaining some point so your help is useful in any case…and maybe you could be luck.
Let me know your invite code as i can send invite.
See you

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Hi, Wraith.

I’ve got 5 openings in Temple of Sekhmet.


Troublesomestrumpett are recruiting again, so if you are looking for a Casual Guild that will give you good bonuses on your stats and 20k Seals for better troops too, see our Recruitment thread here: Looking for Troublesome Strumpetts! We're looking for Midgame Players