The search for a new guild

Hello, Guys!

I’m searching for a guild who can do the most part of tasks(i really want a guild who can do all tasks and some LT, but not necessary)

i’m Lv361;

The average things i can donate is:


I do every GW on week.

we will be happy to have with us.
Leave your current guild if you are in one and send me your invite code if you are interested to join

Drums of Krynn would be happy to have you too. We are a bit younger that We Are One but we are in bracket 10 too. We are a casual guild with low requirements but people usually do much more we get to 40k seals more often than not, there is a good vibe in the group. Let me know if you are interested. You can also reach me on discord: spaceoddity#0934.

Not sure if you have found a guild yet. We are willows, ranked #49. We did a huge purge and looking for active players. 300k/150t.