[PC/mobile] Have a life but still want to play on a good level? Join Drums of Krynn. 🌸 Full

We’re a friendly group of players who have started a new guild in the Drums family in April 2016. Since then we’ve moved up to being in the top 200. In GW ranks we moved from bracket 69 in the first week to a steady bracket 11 through 13. We are casual but ambitious. The main goal is to enjoy the game together and have fun. :smile:

We offer you:

  • Active members who will help you in any way they can
  • A friendly and informative Discord server
  • 40k seals each week
  • Weekly overviews showing our collective overall progress

What we ask from you:

  • 78k gold / 1100 seals / 40 trophies weekly
  • Join our Discord server
  • Be active in the Guild events
  • And last but not least: to have fun :grin:

If you are interested to join don’t hesitate to reply or PM me a little information about yourself and we can get started. You can also reach us on Discord: SpaceOddity#0934 or kevin-#0075. I hope to see you soon. :smiley:


We have two open spots, will you join us and be our new GoW friend? We certainly hope so! Just leave a bit of info about yourself and an Invite code. See you soon! :smiley:


Come join us, it’s a blast :+1:


This is your lucky day! :four_leaf_clover: We still have a place open in our active and friendly guild. Will you be yhe one joining us today?

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Really proud to be part of the Drummies. The discord server for text chatting adds a lot to the GoW experience.
Also, we are climbing the ladder really quick in both guild rank and guild war.

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We have two open spots. So if you are interested in joining us please let me know! :thumbsup:

Please invite me.

Invite code: yannnancy

Welcome YannNancy!

We have one place available. If you are interested in joining please to contact me here or on discord, SpaceOddity#0934. :thumbsup:

Invite me in guild please
Invite code: XXVENEDXX_1

I think @SpaceOddity is sleeping currently. Please be patient and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible :thumbsup:

I have pm-ed you @xxvenedxx.

We have two spots open, tell me a bit about yourself if you are interested in joining us. :smile:

If you’re worried about being the shortest one in the guild, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Or at least the back of your knees.

1 spot ready to be filled :smile:

Only one spot left!

We’re full. If you want to join at a later date, let me know. :slight_smile:

One spot has opened. Please leave a response or message myself/Space :smile:

We are now full. If you want to join at a later date let us know :thumbsup:

We have an opening again. So if you want to join and can meet our requirements don’t hesitate to post here or contact me through pm or on Discord. :slight_smile:

Love to join you guys. I’m at level 290 and make 1500 seals and 300+ trophies a week. Do you guys use line or another app?
Invite code is sageofewa