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Guild Found - Thread Closed

Hello everyone,

I’m an active player looking for a guild of vets that participates in all GW, Raids and Invasions.

40k guild chest
Weekly guild tasks complete (legendary tasks nice)
A guild that won’t kick for going on the occasional vacation lol

A bit about me:
All kingdoms maxed
Full participation in all events, and always looking to improve.
Currently on working towards 5 starting kingdoms.

Let me know if you’ve got an open spot!


We’re a week old guild with some veteran players and some lower level players taking the adventure to climb through the ranks. If you’re interested take a look at our recruitment thread. Hope to see you in Discord.


If interested, please join our Discord Server https://discord.gg/ejpZtek or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052

Hi MishMash,

Drums of Krynn has a spot open currently. We’ve been around for almost a year now and have a good set of mid- to high-level active players. Although we are all active our requirements are low, still we make all tasks and 40k seals often, and always on moments it counts. This means we don’t have problem with the occational vacations, RL > GoW. :wink:

If you’re interested contact me here ( @SpaceOddity ) or on discord ( SpaceOddity#0934 )

We have 2 place free in our giuld: Heroes United.
It is a casual guild and do your needs . If you are interested join us.

Sure - I can throw our guild into the ring as well…spot will be open after weekly reset.

Marthos Guardians are recruiting.

We are an alliance of 4 guilds so you can move between our guilds depending on if you want more challenge or need to slow down or take a break.

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Welp, everybody else is chiming in :stuck_out_tongue:

Minimum requirements:
-Complete daily GW matches
-400k gold (includes money spent on leveling Sentinels)
-1 Sentinel Level (i.e. Level I Attack) per 100 levels. (Maximum Level 800 - 8 Sentinel Levels)
-1300 Seals/100 Trophies (Just be active and have fun - it’s important you do the activities in game that make you happy.
We are rank 36. Bracket 3 in GW.
We are a guild of old veterans and new guy. We have a lot of fun.