Have a life but still want to play on a good level? Join Drums of Krynn. 😃 Rank 140, GW bracket 5 [30/30] FULL


We are full again. Let Kevin or me know when you want to be on our waiting list. We would love to meet you! :smiley:


We are currently looking for two players. if you are looking for a place for two players possibly not the same level Drums of Krynn is a good place to come to. We have a broad range of players and our requirements can be met by many players. Many of our members do much more, but it is not required. So let us know here or on Discord if you are interested. :slight_smile:


My highest recommendations for this guild.

You will not be disappointed :gift:


Hi, my son and i would be happy to join your guild. Our last guild disbanded resently, so we are looking for a guild just like yours. Our lvl are 1070 and 903, so we bring a lot of experience with us.
Our invitation codes are: Orpheus17_8N2A (me) and AMOS_GNUZ (my son).
Maybe you can see, that our mother language is not english, we are from germany, so dont wonder about poor gramma or wording sometimes ^^


Hi, you are both welcome!
I am Dutch myself and we have more nationalities in our guild so don’t worry about language!


We have a rare spot opening up so come and get it while it is still available. :grinning:


Invite me Giak_2


I’ve sent you a pm @Giak :slight_smile:


There’s still a spot available, we’d love to have you if you’re interested! PM me (@SpaceOddity) or drop me or kevin a line on discord (SpaceOddity#0934 , kevin-#0075).


Couldn’t recommend this guild highly enough.

You wouldn’t regret joining :muscle:


We have two spots open, so if you are looking for a guild for you and a friend please let me know here, in pm ( @SpaceOddity ) or on discord ( SpaceOddity#0934 ). :smiley:


Interested if the spot is still available. All kingdoms are levelled, working on getting the last few remaining to 5 star. Play daily and do all events. Level 850ish lol.


You would be welcome, I’ve sent you a pm. :smiley:


Apparently I was too late, so the spots are both still open. :slight_smile:


One of the two spots is now filled, come and get that last one! :smiley:


We are now full. Feel free to contact me or kevin if you want to join at a later time. We’ll be happy to put you on our waiting list. :slight_smile:


We have got two spots available at the moment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re interested. Pm me here (@SpaceOddity) or on discord (SpaceOddity#0934).


One spot is gone already, let us know if you want to have the one that’s left. :slight_smile:


C’mon, y’all! You know you want this spot! :smiley:


When you join today you can join this weeks Guild Wars still, we’d love to have you on our team. :smiley: