Hated teams icon

There are lots of teams that someone might not want to play. Right now it’s Dragon’s Eye, and a few other suspects. Famine, Bone Dragon, Wisp, and others have all had their days at the center of frustration. The hated troops will change over time, but the issue will remain.

We have to open a PVP team to see what’s inside. It would be nice to have a skip list of hated teams and an icon on the PVP fight choices that have a team on your skip list. Then a player can more quickly choose a lower tier PVP match or click on the “Refresh” button to avoid annoying teams.

As a bonus, it would make it possible to penalize douche teams without losing valuable gaming time to check what the team is, or even worst those moments where you already clicked and then saw Dragon’s Eye.

Perhaps this could be a VIP level 3 feature like free scouting, so the devs have an incentive to implement it.


I can agree that it would be nice to be able to see more than just one featured troop in the PvP selection screen, to prevent unnecessary clicking.

I get that it would undermine free scounting from VIP, though (although you still have to click on the opponent to see their team for that, right?).

Maybe it wouldn’t look as nice, also :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.