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Display Event Points obtainable on the main pvp choice screen

like this it might encourage ppl to set their defense more wanted towards events


good idea in my opinion.

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This would be a nice addition

It’s a good idea, but it would interfere with the Scouting mechanic since it would give you info on the team. Unless it only showed for folks that are VIP 3+.


I’m all for it… and while at it, we could finally get rid of the silly scouting nonsense. 50 gold cmon, just show me all three teams on the enemy selection screen already.

Agree this would be very helpful! Such a waste to click many times to see zero troops that meet the Event requirements.


I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea!

(although I don’t like the event bonus on the right when everything else is left :grinning:)

It would a little, but not much - with that example above, it could be 3 ghouls, or 3 BD, or anything.


Much needed
I was thinking this myself

The lack of this feature and the lackluster rewards for event have caused me to simply ignore it.

And I’ve been able to easily do so.

I don’t have any good/fast human dark stone teams that I know of. Ah well better luck next week