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Show snotstones on PvP battle selection screen

It would be nice if one the screen where you choose the 1, 2 or 3 trophy battle that it also shows you how many snotstones are available if you choose that battle.


The option to scout all three teams at once would be pleasing and convenient, especially for those of us at VIP 3+. I’m too lazy to scout before every match even though I can totally spare the gold, so I paid the game to do it for me xD

I don’t want to have to waste the time to scout teams, I am VIP 9 and have the option for free, just takes more time then I would like.

that would be a nice feature

It would also encourage people to put up new and unusual teams.

Not sure which system you play the game on. I can see this information on the Steam version.


This is the view I am talking about. I want to know how many stones before I get to the view you shared.


That would sidestep one of the key benefits of VIP 3 scouting, unless they only made that available for players that already had free scouting.

I think it would be hidden by the same thing that prevents free scouting. Its been so long since I have seen that I do not recall what it looks like. If you don’t scout you cannot see the snotstones or the levels, troops, all that.

Yeah, but even if I had the number of event points on the selection screen, I’d still be popping in to see what the team looked like so that I could prepare. Overall, this wouldn’t save me much time.

I don’t care what the other team is when I am hunting snotstones since i know its likely setup as a team to help others when I see 4 snotstones.

Yeah, but this week, there is a big difference between 4x Bastite Priestess and, say, Khorvash, Manticore, Kraken, Crimson Bat (or whatever).

I put up a 4x monster team to make some event points available for people, but it isn’t exactly a pushover.

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I put up 4 x Bastite Priestess as well… But the likelihood of a 4 snotstone team having enough synergy to beat my Mercy, Alchem, Hellcat, Gard team is pretty close to non-existent so if I saw a team with 4 I would just choose it and go for it.

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Yeah, fair enough. My win rate is as high as it is because I generally assume nothing and (almost) always consider whether I’m taking the right team into battle or not. That’s just my style though and I can understand why someone would just want to grab the maximum event points offered without having to scout or refresh offers (especially if they’re farming casual PVP).

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