Set defence to farm snotstones


Hi everyone.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has set snotstone defence teams for pvp.
Some of the more phreeky guilds need to learn a lesson and take a leaf out of the guys below them who aren’t hung up on defence wins and want to help their fellow players out.
Cheers to the good guys and gals out there and boo hiss to the baddies n bastards!

PvP Etiquette Questions

Yeah the phreeky guilds should give the gift of cooperation and friendliness


I feel like I’ve seen a lot more event stone teams so far this week and the end of last week when I got back from vacation. I’m wondering if it’s due to the 1 Troop defense changes that I’ve heard about. (Still haven’t seen the original post about it, just heard people reference it)


Is it possible to control the ai as on pvp if i choose another team than the one i use for pvp defence?


I’m not sure if I understand your question, but I’ll try to answer. The AI settings for your defense team will only work in regular PVP (ranked or casual) when other players invade you.

In Guild Wars, you can set any of your teams to be your defense team for that day, but the AI settings that you have for regular PVP won’t have any effect. On a future version, they may make it possible to customize the AI for Guild Wars battles.


I had this setup but changed it due to my team being a 9600 point defense team and all I get is the !@#!@#$ meta defense teams of Famine, Kerb, FG, Death and DK Hero. So, I dropped it down to the lowest team I could create to get some variety in the teams I am fighting in PvP.

Once I get to tier 1 I will again change to snot gem farming defense but not till then.

The devs need to pull their head out of the sand (changed from a derogatory statement which should be obvious to most) and do something to either fix the meta team BS or put back one team defense to allow us to enjoy some variety and enjoy the game again.


On Monday, yeah sure. have all the snots you can get. But come Tuesday defense needs to be set for GW and there aren’t enough team slots.

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I will never set pvp defense the same as a guild war defense, you don’t want ppl practicing on you before battles.


Thanks, u answered it perfectly for me :slight_smile:

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Yea, I need to do mine this evening, I’ll probably get the Mrs to put one my general teams on defence til in get home around 9 am

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I set up a random one, without even looking at the event, I’ll change later as well.

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Ya know this week snots can be farmed on ghulvania’s challenge “castlemania” 4 snots per fight

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On console (if we have the same event as PC had - I haven’t had a chance to check in since rollover), we get points only for Divines in PVP this week, so we’re going to need some help from the player base for this to work. Otherwise, we’ll be hunting for Valk teams to pick them off one at a time.

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Oh snap… I didnt notice this was a console thread… My bad disregard my previous post lol


This is the first thing I do when I connect on Monday. @Dan_ozzzy189


@Vangor We’re glad you dropped by though, LOL. Come on in the waters fine.


I just dont understand why i cant skull bait then?


You can still skull bait on console, but you can’t be 100% certain that it will work. The PC/Mobile AI will always take skulls. The console AI on default settings will usually take skulls but will sometimes do something else (cast a spell or match gems).

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Especially if Famine is full. That prioritizes almost anything, even 4 matches at times. The only thing I’ve seen the game use before that is Mab’s ability.


I’ve put a couple of raksha on defence. Needless to say that the top guild leader is being really helpful by fielding a defence team to show off his fully traited legendary gw troop team.
Sorry mine are only epic and ultra rare and fully traited mister phreeeekxxxx so I’m not showing mine off.
Come on guys.