Has arcane drop rate changed?

Recently got a pharos-ra, so I’m trying to fully trait him to get 150% souls bonus.

After 300+ explores I’m finding arcanes dropping at about a rate of 1 in 50 matches.

I don’t think it used to be this hard? Have they changed it recently?

Seems no different here. Sometimes it gets like that tho.

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Typical, my rubbish luck then :frowning:

I usually get 4-10 in an hour with a bombot team.

I’ve been asking the opposite, I remember a few months ago when it seemed like Arcanes never dropped in Explore. Lately they seem to appear much more often!

This has been covered a lot in the past and the general consensus was that you get about 1 arcane every 16 explores over the long haul.


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The fastest team I found is: 1-Fire bomb*** 2-Fire bomb*** 3-Sunbird*** 4-Ogryn***( or Fire bomb ).
Cast Fire Bomb to fill Sunbird, that’s it.

I still use double troglodyte bombot and Elspeth. Sometimes you win after just matching the first brown match on screen enabling you to cast bb ftw. Two second victories aren’t uncommon.