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Explore mode is messed up!

Hi all,

To start, I’m not the one to complain quickly, but this is just a bit too much for me.

yesterday, I started my explore mode in Adana kingdom, because I just needed 1 more arcane to trait my king silenus.

So, there I went…
And here I am now, 75 battles later without 1 arcane.
I kid you NOT. 75 winning battles, in a row, NO arcane drop.
Don’t come here and tell me : sadly you had a bad luck streak, That I don’t buy.
I should have gotten about 5 arcanes by doing that much battles.

The luck-based stuff in the game is just ridiculous at times, and never in our favour it seems.
Quit the luck factor and give permanent droprates, like 1/15…

This is just a way to let players( espacially newer) to quickly dislike the game and quit.

I am not amused by it, that is for sure. I want the arcane drops that I deserved…!!!

There is no “should” in random. You don’t want to hear it, but: “sadly, you had a bad luck streak”.


The thing is, the game is missing a pitty timer. For traitstones, as well as mythic drop.

This is the best way to keep it random while not aggravating the very unlucky customers.

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Random should be random; instead we know that RNGesus has some correcting algorithms in place. Also on the long run a medium should assert itself. I played a good deal more Explore battle than 75 and I too find the arcanes’ dropping rate has gotten worse.

My record is either 73 or 76 without a drop, so it’s definitely possible to have luck that bad. (That “streak” was around 2 months ago, for reference.)

Maybe try alternating Adana and Dragon’s Claw every few matches? They both drop the same arcane and I feels like I get drops faster when I incorporate more than one kingdom into the mix.

Sure, and I did ~10 explores the other day and got 3 arcanes. Neither your anecdote nor mine means the rate is messed up either way, though. I’m just saying that the default assumption is that the rates are correct and any particularly bizarre anecdotes are simply random luck, whether good or bad; it would take thousands of data sets showing large-scale discrepancies before I got into eyebrow-raising territory.


I’ve not been playing much this week, or paying attention to the Traitstone drops… But I know at the start of the week I needed 20 Arcane Blade Traitstones. I’ve been doing my Daily Tasks in Swords Edge. I just looked, I need 7 now. I suppose all 13 Arcane Blades have come from this weeks 30 GW battles but I seriously doubt it.

TL,DR I believe you’ve had a run of bad luck.

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I’ve heard this damn argument in every game ever, it’s really just, “Look, I know it’s rare, but I want it to be a guaranteed drop after X plays.” I’m not going to argue whether that’s bad or not. It’s certainly implementable to say “it is random but you’ll get at least 1 per X plays”. This is in some other games and people seem to like it.

But “You said it was 3% and I haven’t seen it in 75 games” doesn’t even approach “in the long run” when it comes to statistical analysis. It takes 25,000-50,000 instances to start noticing signs of bias.

So use words that mean what you want, it’s more clear! I got 4 traitstones in 20 plays the other day. It was 3 days before I saw the next one. That’s “random” for you.


I never said a thing about 75 games. That was the original poster.

I agree that there is a lot of randomness. I get - from the beginning - a disproportionate number of Celestial stones in Explore.

But I can see that the ratio for traitstones found in chests and find in explore has changed for me. I upgraded some troops by exploring and getting one Traitstone a day. Now it is no longer possible. Trust me, I’m still trying.

(Also: once you go on record saying that you have altered some form of randomness in your game, no one will ever trust any randomness anymore, ever.)

Did they also remove kingdom bonus from explore matches? I dont see any bonusses to traitstones anymore…

Oh nevermind. It was just as hidden in that big symbol…

I spent thirty minutes in Adana getting a Arcane traitstone for Moloch and I got one. So yeah, random.

Lol 30min that’s it takes me almost a hr to get 1 arcane. Lucky person

I was in Pridelands TRYING to get minor and major fire and was constantly getting runics and arcane rage, I actually got about 6 arcane rage in an hour, it was frustrating me.

That being said, does difficulty affect it? because I was on Warlord III and seemed to be constantly getting the higher traitstones, but when I got frustrated and dropped it down I got the stones I needed. It might have just been a coincidence though.

Interesting fact, companies like Apple and Spotify actually intentionally make their shuffle modes less “random” by forcing same artist songs to space out more because in the early days people would complain if they heard the same band too frequently, even though, with a truly random pick, any single song has the exact same chance of playing next.

Long story short, people are stupid.

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