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Not sure if its my bad luck, but I get less Arcanes

In pvp matches I rarer get Arcanes now.

Is it just my bad luck, or have you noticed something too?

Seems like I hardly ever get arcanes anyway; at least rarely enough that I’m always surprised when I get one. My guess is you’re just having a run of bad luck at the moment.

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Yeah, ure probably right. Ive got like one in the pvp the last week…

When I have seen any arcanes coming my way in pvp it is usually after about 50 - 60 battles. A lot of work to get there but it’s not like I get tons of them anyway. 3 maybe 4 and by then I’m pretty burnt out anyway. Lol.

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done somewhere near 400 to 500 challenges on multiple difficulty from normal to warlord 4 this week and have only got 1 arcane. was rare before but seems even more so now. or just bad luck

not sure about pvp. but challenges seems very rare to get arcane

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Arcane drop rate is a flat 2%, so expecting one every 50 or so battles is reasonable.

Chances of going X fights without seeing an Arcane drop:
20 66.8%
30 54.5%
40 44.6%
50 36.4%
60 29.8%
70 24.3%
80 19.9%
90 16.2%
100 13.3%

So while rare, it isn’t unheard of to go 100 fights without one.


I needed 1 Arcane Venom to fully trait Venoxia. I played for a month and half doing Zhul’Kari challenges, and never got one. I played one treasure hunt got it. Arcanes are a pain.


Is it the same % for the droprate of arcanes in arena also? I doubt it is, but just wondering.

There was a dev quote saying that breakdown by type of stone was consistent across all sources, so yes, arena is same

Then I gonna start doing more treasure hunts, thats for sure!


I have gotten more arcanes from Treasure Hunt than from anything else so far. The only problem is that it is not set like challenegs… so easier yes (usually about 3 per hunt) but random :slight_smile: Ill take the random and easier!

if you also need runics, farm with Tyri in an area that has the runics you need. i need red so im doing pride lands and gathering runics AND getting maps, so i figure a net on average of 4 trait stones in one challenge (and 100 souls)


You mean 3 traitstones in general (i.e. 45+ moves), not 3 arcane traitstones…right?

3 trait stones not just arcane.

Phew! :slight_smile:

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I was thinking exactly the same thing before I saw this thread, but I’m sure it’s information bias.
Ok, I’m not sure … but it probably is.

I wonder if you use Tyri in your defense if that will also get you more treasure maps. Anyone know?

from what i have been reading, you dont get anything from the traits or skills from the defense team.