Arcane Rage and Maps questions

Hey all!

I’m trying to get arcane rage thingy things from Pridelands but all I’m getting is fire, and major fire trait stones. I see the arcane rage and it has a x3 by it does that mean I have 3 times the chances to win one or I have 1 in 300 chance? I also was curious about treasure maps earned in battle. I noticed after I had a few purple matches with mana surge and 4+ match a map would pop up; is there a connection to how high my purple mana is to gaining a map in battle or is it just a coincidence? Thanks for the help!!


You get maps in battle for doing 7+ cascade. IIRC there is about 1-2% chance to get arcane traitstone from explore battles.

oh ok cool! Is there a better way to get arcane rage trait stones? I need like 5 more to complete a tier on my hero’s warlord tab.

Nope. You can wait for new red common trop so you can buy the glory bundles but farming explore is fastest way of getting arcanes

No hard stats have been released (to my knowledge) from the Devs on the droprates from Explore but the player consensus seems to be that it is somewhere in the 1 in 20 to 1 in 30 (Explores have 3x higher chance at Arcanes than Challenges do and the consensus is Challenges pay out about 1 in 100).

Please note these are all dictated by RNG so sometimes you can get arcanes in back-to-back matches and sometimes you have to play 60 or more matches before you even get 1. But if you play enough Explore matches, your average should end up in the 1 every 20-30 matches. :slight_smile:

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gotcha! Thanks y’all for the help :smile: I appreciate it!!

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